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BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE- Dolores CD (PIAS Recordings, Belgium, 2008)

Imagine you’re sitting in a luxury loft. Designer furniture all around you. A big, big window. Sun slowly setting. Body parts at your feet. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE deliver the soundtrack to this picture.

There used to be this crazy Hardcore Thrash band from Germany, called CHRONICAL DIARRHOEA, hailing from Mühleim an der Ruhr, one fucking shit hole of a place to live (at least that’s what Georg Kreisler said about the nearby city of Gelsenkirchen). They came out of the blue with their frenzy debut EP. The second EP, “Royal Carnage” was released on my old label and in between was a so-so LP. Then I lost touch with them. Some years ago, I heard they had a new band which was rumored to be totally weird. I didn’t care care. The 90s to me were a musical desert.
A few weeks ago, Thorsten sent me an email, saying how much he digs the blog (especially the Metal stuff) and that he’s the drummer of BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE. He wanted to send me the new CD when it’s out and I said, sure, you’re welcome, send it in, I like getting promos.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect this. Cool Jazz, David Lynch-type soundtrack mayhem – I don’t know what else, all amalgamated into something wicked for which I hardly find the right words. All stretched out to the maximum, creating soundscapes, patterns, windows and above all a stifling atmosphere that weighs tons and tons, yet maintains a certain laxness. This laxness (“Lounge-feeling”) is what really makes BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE sound minacious and guileful. This is seriously disturbing.

Wonderful. I have found a new fave band! Thanks Thorsten!

The band’s homepage.
The label’s homepage.

The band is currently on tour and will play in Luzern Saturday 15. of November. Be there!



  1. Adrian Son of Satan

    Love BOHREN!! Suicide Party Hits – haha great!!!


    Posted on 06-Nov-08 at 16:21 | Permalink
  2. Jay Thurston

    Wow! To think I hated Lawrence Welk. Give me Paul Chain any day over this shit. This is really, really, really, really….really bad. I am serious.


    Posted on 06-Nov-08 at 19:16 | Permalink
  3. What's the Truth?

    I just asked how this album was yesterday and today I get to hear some of it! It’s like magic…

    This one sounds great so far, I’m going to have to pick it up. Sounds a bit more like their more accessible work, but all of their stuff is excellent to me.


    Posted on 06-Nov-08 at 20:08 | Permalink
  4. Hmm, this sounds realy cool and makes me wanna go to Roadburn even more next year. I meen, this, St Vitus and Amon Düül II at the same place.


    Posted on 06-Nov-08 at 22:43 | Permalink
  5. Maja

    So you’re gonna be at the show next week Erich? Great. I’ll buy you a drink 🙂


    Posted on 07-Nov-08 at 00:46 | Permalink
  6. Yes, Maya, I’ll be there. But how do you know it’s me? Have we met before?


    Posted on 07-Nov-08 at 00:50 | Permalink
  7. Maja

    Not yet 😉


    Posted on 07-Nov-08 at 06:48 | Permalink
  8. nullpunkt

    If you liked Dolores check out their older material. I first heard of them around 95. It’s darker and slower, more abstract in a way… You can also really look forward to the live show. I saw them in Zürich 2 or 3 years ago. I’m not gonna take your curiosity by telling you something about it, but expect something very moody…..very, very moody!!


    Posted on 07-Nov-08 at 15:19 | Permalink
  9. Frank Mossi

    I’m a easy going guy but Jay Thurston is really starting to get on my nerves. What a narrow minded person!

    I’m very impressed. Never heard such music before (except for in “Twin Peaks” maybe). Very very dark. Need to hear more but it sure is something good.


    Posted on 08-Nov-08 at 03:55 | Permalink
  10. TomsyBomsy

    I just saw them last week at the BadBonn in Düdingen. The Gig was great (VERY loungy) and DEEEEEEEP.
    I really loved that they played on B.C.Rich Basses (Mööööötal up yuuuur Ääss). It was also cool to watch certain members of the audience who started to sleep after some songs.
    If they ever release something bad (which they have’nt until now) I’m gonna call them BORING und der CLUB of WHORE.
    Bla bla bla bla etc. etc. censored censored censored…


    Posted on 08-Nov-08 at 06:42 | Permalink
  11. Jay Thurston

    Is Frank Mossi going to cry??? Hahahahaha. I am no way “narrow minded”. I truly find this boring. It would be great to listen to when going to sleep. It kind of has that Enya fell to it. I am not seriously bashing it…I just don’t like it. 🙂


    Posted on 08-Nov-08 at 11:09 | Permalink
  12. Jay Thurston

    “it kind of has that Enya feel to it”
    I don’t mean it sounds like Enya, I mean, it bores me.


    Posted on 08-Nov-08 at 11:10 | Permalink
  13. Jay, you’re about the closest minded blockhead commenting on this blog, haha.


    Posted on 08-Nov-08 at 11:16 | Permalink
  14. Jay Thurston

    Yes, I am…hahahahaha


    Posted on 09-Nov-08 at 09:16 | Permalink
  15. Jay Thurston

    Maybe you can put up some early recordings of Kenny G.??? I hear he had that goth induced, Twin Peaks meets Enya sound to it. Should be fantastic!!! I can’t wait!!!


    Posted on 09-Nov-08 at 11:27 | Permalink
  16. Frank Mossi

    Erich for gods sake ban Jay Thurston. I’m pro free speech but he’s taking too much space here.


    Posted on 09-Nov-08 at 11:42 | Permalink
  17. Jay Thurston

    Frank Mossi is my hero!!!


    Posted on 09-Nov-08 at 16:04 | Permalink
  18. Thanks to Martin Ain for touting Bohren’s BLACK EARTH CD a couple years ago and turning me onto this band. Kein schlaf bis Gelsenkirchen! The worst thing any of my smartass friends could come up with for this is “Tortoise gone goth,” which isn’t such a hellish damning.

    Is it true their first early-90s album is wacky cross-genre jazz-grind?


    Posted on 10-Nov-08 at 11:54 | Permalink
  19. They’re one of my favorite bands at the moment too. Dolores is playing in the background as I type. Their music is the audio equivalent of slowly sinking into a bog. I mean that in a good way.


    Posted on 12-Nov-08 at 20:53 | Permalink
  20. Ryan

    I didn’t get the whole dark vibe.

    This music made me picture myself driving a big old convertible in a big city’s downtown business district at night.


    Posted on 13-Nov-08 at 15:59 | Permalink
  21. Maybe that’s because I picked the driving-in-a-big-old-convertible-thru-a-big-city-business-district-at-night songs!


    Posted on 13-Nov-08 at 16:07 | Permalink
  22. Ryan

    Unfortunately I drive a newer coupe and don’t go into the city much at all, so I just can’t identify with this at all.


    Posted on 13-Nov-08 at 17:30 | Permalink
  23. The live show was amazing. The minimalistic light concept was so moody and the music – incredible!


    Posted on 16-Nov-08 at 03:33 | Permalink
  24. Maja

    Warum bist du nach dem Konzert so schnell gegangen? Wollte Dir ein Bier ausgeben. Wer war deine Begleitung?


    Posted on 16-Nov-08 at 09:49 | Permalink
  25. Maya – I was there with two friends of mine. Who were you?


    Posted on 17-Nov-08 at 11:41 | Permalink
  26. Cory

    Yes! I have been looking all over for this! These guys are great, Black Earth is a classic!


    Posted on 04-Dec-08 at 11:31 | Permalink
  27. Cory

    …thank you!


    Posted on 04-Dec-08 at 11:32 | Permalink

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