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MAD PARADE- Right is right 7″ (Toxic Shock Records, USA, 1986)

One of the Southern Californian bands who never got the recognition they deserved. MAD PARADE were formed in the early 80s and released a catchy LP in 1984. This 7″ I like much better cuz this kind of easy going Pop Punk is getting boring after a while. If you’re in the same mood like me, a bit hungover, a bit melancholic and sentimental andhaving a crush on somebody you shouldn’t (no, I’m talking about Peter), this might suit you well. Enjoy, lovebirds all over. Oh yes, produced by Paul Mahern of ZERO BOYS who’s also contributing some backup vocals in the final track (a well done Rolling Stones cover).
MAD PARADE are still around, I think, but I’ve never heard anything by them after this 7″.

Right is right.mp3
This is Life.mp3
Mother’s little Helper.mp3