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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Ebay Scam: SIEGE- Drop dead 7″EP on red vinyl


Just received this link from Jeroen and I thought I once again had to make things clear about the pressings of the SIEGE bootleg: 100 copies were made of each color, a handful were on brown wax, 4 testpressings on black. Then Thomas Mölch pressed another 200 copies on yellow wax, with properly printed labels […]

KLEENEX- You, b/w Ãœ 7″ (Rough Trade, UK, 1979)


If I remember correctly from “Lipstick Traces on a Cigarette”, Greil Marcus drew a line from the performances in the legendary «Cabaret Voltaire» (located in Zurich and being visited by me tonight) to the swiss übergirl band KLEENEX. Well, this put aside, 60 years after the short, loud explosion of Dada, KLEENEX indeed played in […]

DEAD- Musical Abortions Demo (Fuck Music Publishing, USA, 1986)


I bought this tape in some record store with a air conditioner of the size of a jumbo jet somewhere in Florida in 1986, because of the band name and the cover. When I took it back to the flat of Kam Lee & Rick Rozz (formerly of DEATH, at that time active in MASSACRE) […]

AC/DC- Dog eat Dog, b/w Carry me Home 7″ (Albert Productions, Australia, 1977)


Long before Jello Biafra was “too drunk to fuck”, Bon Scott sang about getting carried home by a woman not quite as drunk as himself. She “ain’t no lady but sure got taste in men”. Say no more, say no more. Need more proof that AC/DC used to blow every band everywhere out of the […]

B.G.K.- White male Dumbiance 7″EP (Vögelspin Records, Holland, 1984)


«These are the rules: First you go to school then you get yourself a wife and work for the rest of your life.» To-the-point Hardcore from when this music still had relevance. In your fucking face power and aggression, no kidding around, serious shit. B.G.K. was one of the angriest bands I’ve seen live: The […]

CIRITH UNGOL- King of the Dead LP (Enigma Records, USA, 1984)


I must admit, I feel a bit dumb ripping and posting this, because I’m sure it’s been widely spread, but when I checked Amazon, I saw that it was not physically available anymore. And since two of the great blogs out there recently had their own little share of CIRITH UNGOL’s timeless efforts, I just […]

DISCHARGE- Live in Nottingham 7″EP Bootleg (no label, UK, 1987)


I heard the call for “more Hardcore” and the “D-Beat Hypothesis” by Stuart (check the comments section in the last post). DISCHARGE were noise not music, a wise man once said – and that’s what we learn from this bootleg. Good Hardcore always sounds like “noise” to the innocent ear. Bands like DISCHARGE deflorated my […]

SPEED- Down the Road, b/w Man in the Street 7″ (Speed Records, UK, 1980)


Another scorcher from the NWOBHM. Before the glorious days of internet, SPEED were one of the most obscure outfits you could think of, with this 7″ being so incredibly hard to find, not even the singer knew of its existence. And the singer was, as you most likely will know, Bruce Dickinson, formerly highly entertaining […]

AVATAR- City beneath the Surface 7″EP (Par Records, USA, 1982)


Before there was SAVATAGE, there was AVATAR. When in mid 1983, SAVATAGE’s sole album “Sirens” was released and hit the stores, many simply did not not what to think of the music. On one hand, with groups such as SLAYER, METALLICA, HAWAII, EXCITER etc., SAVATAGE sounded kind of dated in comparison. The music was slow, […]

BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE- Dolores CD (PIAS Recordings, Belgium, 2008)


Imagine you’re sitting in a luxury loft. Designer furniture all around you. A big, big window. Sun slowly setting. Body parts at your feet. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE deliver the soundtrack to this picture. There used to be this crazy Hardcore Thrash band from Germany, called CHRONICAL DIARRHOEA, hailing from Mühleim an der […]