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ADRENALIN O.D.- Let’s barbeque 7″EP (Buy Our Records, USA, 1983)

New Jersey’s everywhere! First, Joe had his funtastic overview of the Garden State scene of the 80s, then I followed him by posting MENTAL ABUSE. Next up was Peter with his awesome post of CHRONIC SICK’s twelver, one of HC’s most wanted records. Dave posted the 2nd A.O.D. 7″ and here we go again – fully sanctioned by Paul of A.O.D. (check the comments section). Yipieh!!

What a scorcher the first A.O.D. 7″ is! Massive, massive sound, short, raw, dirty, abrassive yet melodic. A total winner and a bit overlooked still. Every song totally rules, my fave ones being “Suburbia” and “Old People talk loud”, “Trans Am” – ah fuck it, they all are equally great.
This 7″ (500 pressed) was bootlegged in the late 80s in Germany by (haha hold your breath) the guy from one of the world’s now biggest Metal labels (Nuclear Blast Records) who used to be a HC pioneer before he sold his soul to the devil. The bootleg has blue lettering instead of red.

Everything else AOD put out weighs more than a ton of gold – at least up til the “Cruising with Elvis in Bigfoots” LP (or was it the other way round). The first AOD LP is one of my most played records ever and “Pizza & Beer” from the 2nd album could drive me insane. Now I’m already looking forward to another of Jay Thurston’s masterly comparisons ……

Old People talk loud.mp3
Trans Am.mp3
House Husband.mp3
Mischief Night.mp3
Status Symbol.mp3