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WEAPON- It’s a mad mad World, b/w Set the Stage alight 7″ (selfproduced, UK, 1980)

WEAPON belonged to the very first generation of the NWOBHM and although their 7″ from 1980 has not only hit potential (on the a-side), but is also of noticeable force and drive, this little black pearl has sunk into oblivion, apart from the connaisseur circles at least. Let’s change this!

“It’s a mad mad world” is a good song. Unspectacularly good. Reminds me of something but I can’t say what. Do you know? But just flip the black gold over and “Set the Stage alight” will knock you down. Fast, pushy and with a monster of a chorus. Brilliant! And did you notice the song’s opening? Guess you too will think: “Heard this before!”. Of course – “Hit the Lights” by METALLICA! Sometimes I think the guys in Metallica should send a couple of million quid to all the poor NWOBHM bands they have ripped off so blatantly.
Punks only hit the second song please. People with brains might enjoy both tracks.

This 7″ was available on 12 inches too, with no other difference than the size. And size does matter: The 12″ is rarer than the 7″. This one here is autographed boo-fucking-hoo. It’s cheaper to find this way. That’s a great irony: Autographs of nobodies make records cheaper. It’s a mad mad world!

Its a mad mad World.mp3
Set the Stage alight.mp3