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NERORGASMO- s/t 7″EP (Babby Records, Italy, 1985)

Nerorgasmo will haunt you forever!Nerorgasmo - In Lord Satan we trust!Italy’s NERORGASMO (translates as “Black Orgasm” – wonderful!) released one of the darkest and most original sounding EPs of the 80s. Backwards message, weird sounds and ultra evil, CCM-like riffing, creating a sickly sweet atmosphere of lascivious cross-downturning. Just the way we love it so much! What is anarchy and subversion if there’s not some good old satanism involved. Too bad only the songs are so damn short, but maybe that’s part of the magic of this 7″. Definitely Pagan Hardcore! And too bad the band didn’t continue after this. I’m sure if they would have followed the same musical path, they could have come up with quite some mind boggling stuff.
Before slowing things down a bit, two of the NERORGASMO members were in the incredible HC Thrash band Blue Vomit. Find out more here.
I’m so hungover, I couldn’t think of more to write for the moment.

Banchetto die Lusso.mp3
Passione nera.mp3