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PAUL CHAIN- Mirror 7″ (Flight Nineteen Records, Switzerland, 1990)

This is the third post involving Italy’s very own PAUL CHAIN and it won’t be the last! You’ll find his former band DEATH SS here and his first solo release here.

Couldn’t possibly add more to what I’ve already said about this man’s crazy, crazy and extensive work. Spanning from really heavy stuff over a 3-disc opera to improvisational music, the two 7″ released on the tiny Swiss “Flight Nineteen” label represent some of the best PAUL CHAIN ever achieved. Totally out in space, psychadelic yet heavy and with that typical morbid italian twist and sung once again in his purely phonetic language! What could be more perfect for a sunny sunday morning, with falling leaves, families walking the streets like zombies and religious live broadcast on every second television channel.

I bet my soul (a if I had one): This cannot be topped!