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BREAKOUTS- Waiting for the Change, b/w All we wanna do 7″ (Accelerator Records, USA, 1980)

As promised. here’s the repost from August 12 2006. Songs freshly ripped. What a great, great, great albeit short, short, short record! I bet KPeterD (KPD) says he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t have it. Love, peace and debauchery.

Top-notch punkrock from SF, this is the bands 2nd 7″ (the first one, “In Vagueness deal” is nice, but not too spectacular apart from the picture sleeve). BREAKOUT’s final output was a monstrous 12″EP called “No more” which has received much acclaim lately and rightly so!
This 7″ I think is the perfect link between the two mentioned – it really sits in the middle of them musically, which doesn’t make it average. This is the correct proof for music not being math, by the way.

Here’s the complete scorcher for you!

Waiting for the Change.mp3
All we wanna do.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    been looking for this but nobody had it. great blog!


    Posted on 12-Aug-06 at 10:27 | Permalink
  2. Dave_UK

    first song is great but maybe a bit too long. the other is okay but not outstanding.


    Posted on 13-Aug-06 at 04:26 | Permalink
  3. LustForHate

    I already had those song on a cdr! But badly ripped at low bitrate! Thanks for posting this great music in high quality files.

    This records is simply fantastic.Great catchy punk rock.


    Posted on 13-Aug-06 at 06:34 | Permalink
  4. Peter - KBDRecords

    I like Waiting For A Change a bit but as someone said I think it’s too long. All We Wanna Do doesn’t do it for me. But hey I’m glad someone posted this rare fucker anyway :).


    Posted on 14-Aug-06 at 02:13 | Permalink
  5. Anonymous



    Posted on 14-Aug-06 at 11:35 | Permalink
  6. Thanx Erich!


    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 06:43 | Permalink
  7. Ryan



    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 10:07 | Permalink
  8. T.

    Incredibly great record. You and peter kbd done so much for a lot of people in the past years. can’t thank you enough.


    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 10:44 | Permalink
  9. cool, thanks alot!


    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 12:12 | Permalink
  10. Ha ha I would’ve kept it if I liked it. I bet you like it just cause you have it ;).


    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 12:15 | Permalink
  11. Hahaha, Peter Рtouch̩. 1000 points for you.


    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 12:34 | Permalink
  12. timmy

    sounds good. how about some
    young and the useless 7″???



    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 14:17 | Permalink
  13. mrpoopy

    Bet I’ve played this well over 100 times since you first put it up. Pure punk rock the way it was meant to be and is never gonna be again. Too bad no lyric sheet. Now how about a re-up of Hugh Beaumont Experience?


    Posted on 30-Sep-08 at 16:50 | Permalink
  14. Jay Thurston

    I feel bad. I own this record and really don’t like it too much. Although the B side is the better of the two songs.


    Posted on 03-Oct-08 at 15:53 | Permalink
  15. dewey.decimal

    I love the No More 12″ and In Vagueness Deal, but this one doesn’t do it for me. Great blog. Anyone have the Terminal Mind 7″ or know where it’s posted?


    Posted on 04-Nov-08 at 18:48 | Permalink
  16. Jerry Heft

    This is a message for Rudy Fontaine from Jerry Heft. Let me know if you are following this thread.


    Posted on 15-Dec-15 at 22:16 | Permalink

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