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YYY- Sin 12″ EP (Fringe, Canada, 1983)

After I had posted the BREAKOUTS 12″, I asked myself what could come next without lowering the quality level. I kept searching my records and tapes, started ripping some tapes (Jerry’s Kids live and the occassional Heavy Metal demos) when all of a sudden I had a flashback. I remembered the old local record store I mentioned before. It was a small one room store. Everything in the inside was painted black: The walls, the hand made crude shelves, the ceiling, the floor, the seats and the black shades in the store window that kept the light out. The small office room, two steps down, on the other hand was painted all green. It made you sick when you walked in or out, it was just too much. The first time I had visited the store was in 1980. I remember the first DEAD KENNEDYS record on display, as well as the first IRON MAIDEN, AC/DC and other stuff, mainly Punk though. It was magic, especially when you were 12 years old. There seemed to be soooo many records to check out making you feel even smaller. What followed were years and years of visiting the store and another great one just around the corner (that one had a lot of bootlegs for sale from ca. 1982 on). I’d say there wasn’t one week without spending hours in the store, talking to the crazy owner and his employee, making friends with Metalheads and some Punks from Switzerland and nearby Austria.

In 1984, I opened the door and there was an incredible clean and razor sharp record playing on the main speakers. These speakers were hand made and I swear I never heard such a great clean and forceful sound ever again. The record the owner had put on had just come in with the big box of imports he received every thursday or friday and as I said, the sound was amazing. It was YYY’s 12″ – to me epitomizing to this very day the Hardcore genre like few others. There’s no Punk left in the sound and it does not lean towards Metal the tiniest bit. The band had one of the tightest rhythm sections in Hardcore. The bassist and the drummer are so incredibly great on this record that I sometimes wish I had their separated lines only, just like in the marvelous “Sold out” dub mix on the first GANG GREEN 7″. I swear I could listen to these two guys alone forever. Not that the singer and the guitarist shouldn’t be on the EP – it would just be fantastic if for a change I could focus on the rhythm section alone. This EP is perfect (even better than the BREAKOUTS’s 12er, to be honest). The production, the songs, the musicians, the cover art and the lyrics. Blimey you can’t beat YYY can you.
This EP had been reissued (that’s the red & black cover you see pictured) in 1989 and spiced up with some remixed demo tracks and such. These extra are great and if it was the only thing YYY had ever released, you could hardly imagine the band could have gotten better after them. When you hold them against the EP tracks though, they’re just very good. The label, Fringe, btw is the same that later released Metal records mainly, like SLAUGHTER and SACRIFICE.

Here’s the band’s official myspace site. And here’s a video I just found on Youporn. Damn, these guys really look like I had imagined them to look like in the past 24 years. Wonderful. I love the internet!

As you can read on the myspace site, YYY are preparing an offical anthology CD – let’s hope it will be released soon.

In the meantime, download the entire 12″EP here.