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EFFIGIES- Remains nonviewable 7″ (Ruthless Records, USA, 1982)

Seriously, for a minute: Am I that hip?! I just started watching Iron Man and before the first half hour of the movie was over, it had me get excited about AC/DC’s “Back in Black” and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ “Institutionalized” in the soundtrack. It feels kinda weird to be so much up to date. I mean, sure – AC/DC’s BIB album is one of the gold standards in rock, selling trillions and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ first amazing LP ain’t that much underground either. But the combination of the two, within minutes, in a blockbuster? What the fuck?!

Will bands like EFFIGIES (one of the best band names ever, btw) ever become integral part of the pop business? I highly doubt so. Acid dripping cynicism, evil and uncomfortable, combined with tight musicanship and a slick production. You may say “Security” is boring and damn right you are. I bet this is what it’s supposed to be – boring and annoying. This 7″ has it all: Excitement, power, cynicism, boredom, annoyance and a song about an airplane crash. Ever since SAXON’s “The Eagle has landed”, I think songs about plane crashes are the best. And records with airplane crash covers are even better. And those with song lyrics printed on the labels and with a concept all over the whole thing. Enjoy!