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EFFIGIES- Remains nonviewable 7″ (Ruthless Records, USA, 1982)

Seriously, for a minute: Am I that hip?! I just started watching Iron Man and before the first half hour of the movie was over, it had me get excited about AC/DC’s “Back in Black” and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ “Institutionalized” in the soundtrack. It feels kinda weird to be so much up to date. I mean, sure – AC/DC’s BIB album is one of the gold standards in rock, selling trillions and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ first amazing LP ain’t that much underground either. But the combination of the two, within minutes, in a blockbuster? What the fuck?!

Will bands like EFFIGIES (one of the best band names ever, btw) ever become integral part of the pop business? I highly doubt so. Acid dripping cynicism, evil and uncomfortable, combined with tight musicanship and a slick production. You may say “Security” is boring and damn right you are. I bet this is what it’s supposed to be – boring and annoying. This 7″ has it all: Excitement, power, cynicism, boredom, annoyance and a song about an airplane crash. Ever since SAXON’s “The Eagle has landed”, I think songs about plane crashes are the best. And records with airplane crash covers are even better. And those with song lyrics printed on the labels and with a concept all over the whole thing. Enjoy!



  1. Dee

    songs about plance crashes – new genre LOL

    but what’s the matter with you admin? the new metallica now iron man …. dude?!


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  2. eddie

    Effigies are a great band. their first three including this one is stellar but “Forever Grounded” had some weak songs in my opinion. I first saw the Effigies play in ’83 at the Santa Monica Civic in L.A. with GBH and SSD. I remember the Effigies singer was getting pissed off about the stage diving and told the crowd “i’m sick and tired of you all getting on stage! the next one who runs into me, i’m gonna hit him!”. i saw them again the next year with the Adicts/Toy Dolls at the Olympic and they were the only good thing about that gig since Negative Approach had to cancel out, i was really pissed about that!


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  3. Steve

    Words escape me when describing this. AWESOME!!! Yeah that about sums it up.


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  4. mrpoopy

    “Forever Grounded” was probably their weakest and “Haunted Town” was probably their best. But, all in all, everything these guys ever did was pretty good. Never had much love for post-punk but “Ink” and “Fly on a Wire” are both decent records if you give them a chance. They still play out from time to time, performing mostly stuff from the early records.


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  5. Hi Erich- nice posting, this has always been one of my favorite early Effigies records! That Effigies guitar sound was so nice and thick. I was not around the Chicago scene at the time but from what I read it sounds like they were kind of polarizing due to some of their outspoken views.

    The song “Body Bag” (and the 7″ cover art) is about a horrible May 25, 1979 plane crash at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport that killed all 270+ people aboard:,0,4407421.story

    Well, if obscuro KBD band Helen Keller’s 1978 ripper “Surfin With Steve and ED Amin” could be in a car commercial like it was a few years ago then, dammit, the Effigies definitely have a chance at being on a movie soundtrack.

    P.S. Ever get a hold of mp3’s of that Wards “Armed To The Teeth” cassette? If so, please post it. I am dying to hear it. Especially after I’ve read old reviews on the Operation Phoenix Records zine archive site that said it had 25(!) songs on it. The Wards have a MySpace site of course like everyone else.


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  6. very nice stuff, really ripping!


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  7. Jay Thurston

    The only time I remember seeing the Effigies(at least some of the gig), was at Godzilla’s in the valley in Los Angeles in 1982…I got sick from drinking Kerosene that night. Good times…hahaha


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  8. R0B

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve always wanted to hear something by the Effigies. I had heard that they were to the Chicago Hardcore scene what Iron Cross were to the D.C. one: American kids trying to emulate the British 0i! bands at that time. I’d say after hearing this e.p. that’s a pretty fair assessment, but I like this better then Iron Cross.


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  9. CHANO

    RIPPING !!! A-side has a strong british streetpunk sound . B-side sound weirdly like P.I.L. .


    Posted on 29-Sep-08 at 06:18 | Permalink
  10. Saw these guys live last month… they’ve still got it! Fucking great, brutally underrated guys! I was going nuts at that show but almost everyone else was too apathetic and bored to show any enthusiasm, or too drunk to do anything but dance like a hippie at woodstock.


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  11. Tony

    Sorry I couldn’t find an email address anywhere.
    One quick question I don’t know if this makes sense to you or not. I remember hearing a suicidal tendencies song on the radio that had the old time censor beeps it was real sporadic at first but as the song went on the beeping became more and more until finally at the end of the song it was like every two seconds. I don’t believe there was any swearing at all, I believe it was done to show what could happen if censorship was out of control. At the end of the song the dj said he was not doing that it was on the record. Do you know anything about this? I would like a copy just to show people. I have never found anyone else who has heard it so I don’t know if the dj was doing it and then said he didn’t, if it was a gimmick or what. Any input appreciated. Time frame was about 88 to 92, KSHE-95 was the radio station and I have no idea what song it was. I doubt I would know if I heard it again except if I heard the beeps. I’m sorry if i am wasting your time, I know I heard this and my friend does not believe me and I am determined to find someone who has at least heard of it. You have a lot of punk like bands on your site and I was wondering if you had heard it. It would be from their metal years.


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