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RAVEN- Don’t need your Money, c/w Wiped out 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1980)

Raven Don't need your MoneyRaven Don't need your MoneyFinally a RAVEN post, you may say. Being one of the flagships of the first wave of the NWOBHM, UK’s RAVEN had started out as early as in 1974 already and developed a style that would lay down the first stepping stones for what a few years later morphed into Speed Metal (the lads called it Athletic Rock, haha). It’s not so much the speed of the drumming but rather the hectic singing and the wild guitar work. There’s really a whole lot going on in the background, if you follow the guitars. Quite a novelty for a 1980 Metal band! “Don’t need your Money” is the sing along track on the band’s first vinyl output, but “Wiped Out” is the hit. What a song!

RAVEN were a bit too hectic for me in the old days, I must admit. I bought all their records until “All for one” but rarely ever played them and in the end, I sold them along with most of my Metal records in the mid 80s. So when I saw this on Ebay last week, it seemed like a good chance to pick it up again. The description said something like “as new” and I could personally pick up all the records I won from the same guy. Silly me. Instead of taking a close look on what I bought, I had a little chit-chat with the guy who turned out to be a late-comer (I had expected him to be older & wiser & stronger). The first attempt of getting the records had miserably failed: I rode through heavy rain on the bike, when after 20 miles I ran out of motor oil. I had to leave the bike in some weird dump and jump on the train to get me back home. So I tried again the day after. It was a nice but long and cold ride until I was finally home with the records. It almost felt like 25 years ago, when I would ride through ice storms on my mom’s moped to the local record store, which was about a hour away. It never stopped me, however hard the rain was pouring down. One time, my finger tips froze so badly, I had to go to the emergency cause me fingers had turned blue by the time I had come home. If memory serves, it was the day VENOM’s “Die hard” 7″ was released. My mom had to put it on the turntable for me (okay, that’s a lie, but it sounds really good).
Back home I took a superficial look at the batch I won Ebay and enthusiastically left positive feedback. I was home safe, opened a good bottle of french wine and felt cosy and totally regressive, so why not just give the guy some good score for bringing me so much pleasure. What kind of a fool am I, really. You can imagine how pissed off I was when I played this RAVEN single and realized it was totally beat up. And the next surprise was: The guy sold me the bootleg of the AVATAR 7″ I had been re-hunting so long. Total bummer!

So here we go with RAVEN and a fine example of how dumb Metal really makes you. It’s a great record, but I somehow can’t enjoy it as much as I wish. Boring sissy story, I know. But to say it with Ian MacKaye: “And what the fuck have you done?!”

Don’t need your Money.mp3
Wiped out.mp3