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BETON COMBO- Sound LTD 7″EP (SLS, Germany, 1983)

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Germany’s BETON COMBO released one LP, a 12″ and this monster of a 7″. I must admit that the LP means everything to me a Punk LP could possible mean to anyone, with all its Indian Hardcore Punk-charme, so totally focussed on that Berlin of the 80s feeling that historians will write masses of books about in years to come.
This one sounds different. Much more on the brutal side of Hardcore Punk, not unlike Sweden’s UNTER DEN LINDEN, if you ask me, but even better, crunchier, meaner. The incredible “High on War” and “Zubrowka” hit like a steam hammer and “Hohle Schweine” (“Stupid Pigs”), although slower, is so incredibly aggressive and mean with the nasty german lyrics and the singer’s trademark cynical “ha-ha” – laughter. This is one of my favourite singers ever, this guy just has it (Hunter S. Thompson called it Gonzo, when it came in literary form). What makes this totally surreal is that although it’s german, I can only understand a few words and the rest is totally vague, could be any language or none at all. Wonderful! And have you heard the guitar lead at the end of the song? Can this be true? 1983, guys, 1983! Bloody hell, when making this post ready, I could hardly edit the rips cause I had to play the tracks over and over again. What a monster of a record!
A friend of mine saw BETON COMBO play live around the time this EP was released. He said the gigs were battles against the audience rather than concerts, so “high on war” everybody was. Sure can imagine that!

I guess there’s a BETON COMBO discography CD around somewhere. Buy it (or find yourself the original vinyls. Well, honestly, when I look at the beautiful foldout cover of this, I say fuck the CD, save some greens and buy yourself the original, shouldn’t be toooooooo expensive). German Hardcore Punk going transcendetal again, with a distinctive phenomenological turn!

High on War.mp3
Hohle Schweine.mp3