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U.B.R.- Corpus delicti 7″EP (Attack Punk Records, Italy, 1984)

This is post number 401 on goodbadmusic. When I was a kid, my teachers and parents kept complaining how lazy a boy I was.

Released in early 1984 on the classic italian Attack Punk Records, this was the one and only life-time record by U.B.R. (translated stands for “Rebels without a Cause”) from the city of Ljublijana, Yugoslavia (Slovenia today). This was probably the first Yugoslavian HC band I knew and I’ve loved this 7″ ever since. A totally desperate atmosphere all over – even if manic riffing breaks out, the songs never really lose the gloomy feeling. With one exception: The vitualistic, exploding, driving “Harmonija”, which is one of the all time catchy HC classics, in one leage with “Nada” by OHLO SECO or “Outo maa” by TERVEET KÄDET. A true hymn! Other highlights are “Podrazitev” and the beautiful “Od tod do vecnosti”.

Taking a closer look on the accompaning statement by the guys from ATTACK PUNK RECORDS, the label’s left radical sermon must sound weird to the guys in U.B.R. The “state machinery” of which left radicals all over the world think of a somehow autonomous, exterior clockwork that gets wind up by “senil old men”, did not destroy the world (or Italy, or Yugoslavia), but nationalism sure ripped Yuglosvia apart in a bloody sometimes genocidal war. I wonder whether the members of U.B.R. who were pacifists got involved in the wars or whether they maybe left the boiling country when there was still time. Anyway, records like this have become strange historic artifacts and the tension really seems to be conserved in the vinyl grooves, much like in the classic and absolutely essential “Hardcore Ljubljana” comp. LP. The wars in former Yugoslavia had started with Slovenias declaration of independence and the 10-days-war in 1991.
Would love to scan the complete booklet cover which is a lovely piece, but I’d first have to remove the staples and that’s something I don’t want to do.So you see the front and back only. I tell you I have spent hours in the past more than 20 years to find out what the front cover could mean, but I haven’t come to grips with the weird, almost primitivistic iconography.

This 7″ has been re-released on a discography CD, entitled “Harmonija 1983-1985”. Don’t know where you can get it, but I’m sure you’ll find out. Haven’t heard it, so I can’t say anything about the sound quality and the additional material, but in my opinion, U.B.R.’s best material was on this 7″, the “HC Lubljana” tracks were good too.

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Od tod do vecnost.mp3
Corpus deliciti.mp3