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RAW NOISE- A Holocaust in your Home Demo Tape (UK, 1984)

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For your ears’ pleasure, here’s a tape that wasn’t supposed to be heard. Before there was EXTREME NOISE TERROR, there was RAW NOISE, and after one of the many splits of ENT, RAW NOISE came back together. What most people don’t know is that the band had recorded a demo in 1984. Most of the songs are early, much punkier versions (with different song titles) of the classic tracks on the equally classic split LP with CHAOS UK, released by Manic Ears in late 1985. From what I remember, RAW NOISE were totally unsatisfied with this demo because it was too “clean” and sure, if you hold it against the split LP, it’s much tamer in sound. It’s also noticeable that it’s still Dean alone doing the vocals job here; Phil joined in the band shortly after these recordings were made. A great document of the state of the art of Hardcore in Europe, jut a blink of the eye away from the escalation that was about to set in.

A great tape that deserves to be dug out and exposed to your hungry ears. Download, turn up loud and enjoy!

Get the entire Demo here.