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DEEP SIX- Ghostride 7″EP (Ici, USA, 1981)

Been very busy with working on the book and picking up work on the dissertation as well, so I’m feeling a bit burnt out and tired. Sorry for slowing things down a little with the blog.
Speaking of slowing things down: I don’t know why the cover thumbs are so heavy and taking so much bandwith. Who can help?

Totally obscure and weird piece of vinyl by DEEP SIX. Weird? Weird! One member was in Rock Bottom & the Spys and  you can hear that. Who knows more?

“Ghostride” is one of the most bizarre tracks I can think of. The organ – the mouthorgan – what the fuck’s going on here? “Sick Society” (best song title ever – I wish more bands had songs called “Sick Society”) is the traditional Punker and “Watchers of Time” … I’m speechless, really. Twisted, really really twisted and with great lyrics:

«Got my brain in my hand / My foods on the table / They’re trying to pick my brain / But they’re not able / What’s deep inside will never die / Pictures of you hold just one more rhyme / Watchers of time / Watchers of time (…)»

People with tinnitus should be careful when playing “Watchers of Time” (no kidding – hear me Peter?).

Sick Society.mp3
Watchers of Time.mp3