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Monthly Archives: September 2008

BREAKOUTS- Waiting for the Change, b/w All we wanna do 7″ (Accelerator Records, USA, 1980)


As promised. here’s the repost from August 12 2006. Songs freshly ripped. What a great, great, great albeit short, short, short record! I bet KPeterD (KPD) says he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t have it. Love, peace and debauchery. Top-notch punkrock from SF, this is the bands 2nd 7″ (the first one, “In Vagueness […]

YYY- Sin 12″ EP (Fringe, Canada, 1983)


After I had posted the BREAKOUTS 12″, I asked myself what could come next without lowering the quality level. I kept searching my records and tapes, started ripping some tapes (Jerry’s Kids live and the occassional Heavy Metal demos) when all of a sudden I had a flashback. I remembered the old local record store […]

EFFIGIES- Remains nonviewable 7″ (Ruthless Records, USA, 1982)


Seriously, for a minute: Am I that hip?! I just started watching Iron Man and before the first half hour of the movie was over, it had me get excited about AC/DC’s “Back in Black” and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ “Institutionalized” in the soundtrack. It feels kinda weird to be so much up to date. I mean, […]

RAVEN- Don’t need your Money, c/w Wiped out 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1980)


Finally a RAVEN post, you may say. Being one of the flagships of the first wave of the NWOBHM, UK’s RAVEN had started out as early as in 1974 already and developed a style that would lay down the first stepping stones for what a few years later morphed into Speed Metal (the lads called […]

BETON COMBO- Sound LTD 7″EP (SLS, Germany, 1983)


Thanks for the donations. Full service for another year guaranteed! Germany’s BETON COMBO released one LP, a 12″ and this monster of a 7″. I must admit that the LP means everything to me a Punk LP could possible mean to anyone, with all its Indian Hardcore Punk-charme, so totally focussed on that Berlin of […]

DAMASCUS- Open your Eyes 12″EP (selfproduced, UK, 1984)


What better way of saying thank you for the donations could there be, than posting another fine product of the mighty NWOBHM? Merseyside’s DAMASCUS one and only release (apart from a hard to find demo tape – please get in touch, if you happen to have a good sounding copy of it!) was this extremely […]

U.B.R.- Corpus delicti 7″EP (Attack Punk Records, Italy, 1984)


This is post number 401 on goodbadmusic. When I was a kid, my teachers and parents kept complaining how lazy a boy I was. Released in early 1984 on the classic italian Attack Punk Records, this was the one and only life-time record by U.B.R. (translated stands for “Rebels without a Cause”) from the city […]

RAW NOISE- A Holocaust in your Home Demo Tape (UK, 1984)


The annual server costs are due (130$) – please donate (use the button in the left column) and keep the blog alive. I supply the music, you bring in the cash and the blog stays ad-free (and you wouldn’t believe how many commercial advertisement requests I’m receiving). As soon as the money has been collected, […]

DEEP SIX- Ghostride 7″EP (Ici, USA, 1981)


Been very busy with working on the book and picking up work on the dissertation as well, so I’m feeling a bit burnt out and tired. Sorry for slowing things down a little with the blog. Speaking of slowing things down: I don’t know why the cover thumbs are so heavy and taking so much […]