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MAIDS- Back to Bataan 7″EP (Anemic Records, USA, 1979)

The MAIDS one and only release has been posted here and there before, but that just can’t hold me back from running my own feature. The two songs on this 7″ were first introduced to me by a fellow tape and record trader from Germany, very late, just before the internet changed everything. I had never heard of them before; it was one of these little treasures that were easy to oversee in the before-KBD / internet times (they came almost parallel, did you ever notice?).  A local band, a small press 7″, a weird band name. I was fortunate enough however to having seen a copy of this in a local record store just days earlier, so once I caught the bug (in a matter of seconds), I just could go there and buy this 7″ for a couple fränklis. The incredible sound of the actual vinyl alone made me hold my breath: Popping fresh, raw and with very present guitars on both “Back to Bataan” and “I do I do”. Fantastic how the band stays somehow vague about what’s going in these few minutes here: Were they serious about their music, were they being ironic? Is there a subtle message, something like a key that would allow you to understand what the fuck is going here? You guessed it – there ain’t and if there ever was, it got lost in time and during the shift of the music to another continent. To me, this is pure, youthful joy, a powerful kinky slap in the face of powerpop and beat revivalists or the emerging wave of grim Hardcore taking over the Californian Punk scene at the time. Name of the guitarist: John Ritalin – how great is that?! The song writing is basic and I don’t think these two songs are really innovative in terms of composition – yet whatever it is; it WORKS. And how it works. The break on “I do I do”, with the bass strings sounding like atomic elastic bands or the incredibly riffing in “Bataan” and the sweet vocals on top of everything: It’s pure energy, joy and a good dose of aggression of the non-aggressive sort. One of the most defining moments in in the as of yet unwritten history of the music of underground Punk worldwide! If you don’t understand this, you have no brains and if it doesn’t make you happy, you have no heart.

Read the extensive and funny L.A. Weekly story on MAIDS and the KBD-hype around them here. A must read, although the article is 8 years old (fuck, time flies!).

Hi-quality transfer from vinyl and scans of the very rare insert (only 100 copies had this, apparently).

Back to Bataan.mp3
I do I do.mp3