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The Future looks brightThe Future looks brightBack with a brand new 750 GB internal hard disk drive (the old one had serious physical damage after only 2 years) and a brand new stereophonic pick up head (which considerably improves the sound on my hifi).

THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT is plain and simple one of the greatest compilations you will ever hear. Originally released as a cassette tape, 500 copies were pressed onto black gold shortly after and these were sent out to radio stations, zines and promoters only. With some tracks altered, it was officially released as “The Future looks brighter” a bit later, but as always, the first version is the one to have.

There’s not one song to be missed here. If you’re unfamiliar with the early west coast sound or if you just want to give yourself a serious kick in the butt with a comp that goes off like a rocket, then this is quintessential, featuring some of the best of SST, Posh Boy and New Alliance bands.

Hit after hit! SHATTERED FAITH shatter & restore faith, TSOL rip shit up, SOCIAL DISTORTION distort, CH 3 sing about concentration camps for american japanese, MINUTEMEN make me dance around naked, DESCENDENTS were never better, SACCHARINE TRUST as always basically destroy every other band with their cynicism from their mandatory 12er, BLACK FLAG shine in pre-Rollins glory and the STAINS somehow managed to steal Gregg Ginns guitar for recording the bands one and only LP, from which the final track is lifted. Some versions of the songs on FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT seem unreleased elsewhere (Black Flag?), but I’m too lazy to compare right now.

Oh yeah – the labels are plain b&w, not yellowish like on the shots above. So don’t sweat, there’s only press of this ’round. Never in ps, this came in a plain white die-cut sleeve.

Download the entire album ripped with love here. Enjoy!