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NASAL BOYS- Hot Love, b/w Die Wüste lebt? 7″ (Periphery Perfume Records, Switzerland, 1977)

Switzerland’s premiere Punk band NASAL BOYS released this much acclaimed 7″ only and that’s a shame. Some of the wildest and fastest Punk around in 1977! “Hot Love” is the instant hit. Driving, memorable and like some old hippie once said when he heard early 7 SECONDS in a squat: “This sounds a bit like Nasal Boys on 78 rpm”. The b-side is weird. Punk again, aggressive and short, but with some weird 60s feeling thrown in. Can you hear the MONKS? I can.
In a TV interview from 1977, the band was asked why they didn’t dress punky. “We’re against clichés”, the singer responded, and: “Our main inspiration is U.S. Punk, not U.K. Punk.” Guess one can hear that. Still, the band got famous for opening up for CLASH when they played in Zurich in 1977. Some years ago, a great quality 1/4 reel tape surfaced, containing both the CLASH’s and NASAL BOYS’ set, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a copy. The guy who had it, didn’t want to share; not everybody is as generous as me, the musical knight in shiny armor …. You can see a reprodcution of the gig poster and a short live review from Switzerland’s first Punk Fanzine NO FUN below (from issue number 1, click to enlarge). After the short article, the reviewer asks: “Where have the Metalrockers been? Forget them. The future of Rock has begun!” And I thought, Punk was about no future and stuff:

Shortly after, the band tried to make it big and changed name to EXPO. They released an LP on a big label (and some 7″, if memory serves) which is ‘kay but nowhere near the glory of this single. Former members went on to form BUCKS, a highly influential Punk band for Zürich. From issue 3 of NO FUN, released in January 1978, comes this nice NASAL  BOYS interview you can see here:

I have a complete set of NO FUN (issues number 1 to 18) for sale. Immaculate condition, issue 4 contains an original piece of art by Fischli / Weiss, done for NO FUN exclusively. The fanzines span the time from Oct. 1977 to June 1980 (until the breakout of the riots) and are as fascinating a document as impossible to find, especially in this condition. If interested, get in touch. Proceeds will be used to buy a professional tape deck in order to start digitizing more of my collection of tapes.

Hot Love.mp3
Die Wüste lebt?.mp3