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CHAOS Z- Abmarsch 7″EP (Mülleimer, Germany, 1981)

I struggled long and hard before the vast majority of German Hardcore Punk started to speak to me. Some of the worst jocks I met in my life had Mohawks, a beer bottle glued to their one hand, the other hand in the air and on the back of the leather jacket-uniform, you could see the logos of bands such as RAZZIA, CHAOS Z, VORKRIEGSPHASE or BETONCOMBO. And BETONCOMBO’s LP it was that totally got my by my balls (as if I had any) when in Berlin in the mid 90s and being a miserable cunt, a friend put on the record and it just made “click” in my head. From this point in time on, I was able to read these bands.I doubt (and I pray to the Dalai Lama or Uriella that I’m right with it) that those jocks hear the same when they play these bands and I really don’t know what it is they hear. And I don’t care.

CHAOS Z are in a way the opposite of what I post last. Whereas SIEGE are tight and to-the-point with their energy, CHAOS Z are sloppy and maltreating their instruments. The drummer sounds like a very, very cheap ass drum computer running low on battery, the bass has more distortion than the thin guitar and the singer is monotone yet dripping acid with his voice. But these blokes manage to crank out an atmosphere of – yeah, of what? Insert the typical adjectives you’d hear from me in about every post [here] and still, CHAOS Z have more to their music. But I don’t know what it is. Every damn song has practically the same drum beat, the same scheme is used and the pure reptition is it maybe, that gets me so excited here. The first three songs are almost identical. “Harte Zeiten” and “Zwang” almost get me on my knees, but when I flip the plastic over, “Rational Mensch” and “Militär” rip me to shreds! “Rational Mensch” especially has an almost surrealistic brutality – all is so stripped down to the minimum that the song seems to implode and result a maximum of power and expression. You can hear that this is not just simple Hardcore Punk. Compare it to the first ANTI-CIMEX 7″ and you’ll probably hear similarities, but CHAOS Z are way more interesting in the end. Simplest musical forms of expression transcending into something more: This is what my dreams are made of! Although I’m pretty sure that not too many of the readers will dig this, I’d say give it two or three rounds and listen to some ABWÄRTS first. This should get you in the right mooooood.
The lyrics … well, “Bildungs-KZ” and such. I dunno. Maybe some other time I’ll sit down and try to over-read what I don’t like.

After this, the band had some comp tracks and one LP. The LP is kinda boring, if you ask me. Maybe the Mohjocks were referring to the LP, haha. The band later became FLIEHENDE STÃœRME of whom I have nothing, but reliable sources keep telling me “You’d love them!”

Harte Zeiten.mp3
Rational Mensch.mp3