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Monthly Archives: August 2008

MAIDS- Back to Bataan 7″EP (Anemic Records, USA, 1979)


The MAIDS one and only release has been posted here and there before, but that just can’t hold me back from running my own feature. The two songs on this 7″ were first introduced to me by a fellow tape and record trader from Germany, very late, just before the internet changed everything. I had […]

SEIZURE- All Hail the fucking System 7″EP (Incas Records, USA, 1986)


When CHAOS Z is german transcendental punk, then SEIZURE is american utiilitarian hardcore. Simple, primitive, umpa-umpa-umpa and effective at that til head explosion. There’s a good bit of Motorcycle Punk thrown in too and probably other styles too. After this came out (I think I had it ordered from Charlie Infection’s mailorder), “Pain is Pain […]



Back with a brand new 750 GB internal hard disk drive (the old one had serious physical damage after only 2 years) and a brand new stereophonic pick up head (which considerably improves the sound on my hifi). THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT is plain and simple one of the greatest compilations you will ever hear. […]

NASAL BOYS- Hot Love, b/w Die Wüste lebt? 7″ (Periphery Perfume Records, Switzerland, 1977)


Switzerland’s premiere Punk band NASAL BOYS released this much acclaimed 7″ only and that’s a shame. Some of the wildest and fastest Punk around in 1977! “Hot Love” is the instant hit. Driving, memorable and like some old hippie once said when he heard early 7 SECONDS in a squat: “This sounds a bit like […]

SAINT VITUS- Live December 1984 Video Footage


Recently found this absolutely amazing video footage on youtube and thought I had to share. SAINT VITUS opened up for BLACK FLAG in London, Ontario in Canada. Whereas BLACK FLAG had a Henry Rollins who got more and more obsessed with his image (check the videos on youtube) that night, SAINT VITUS play a perfectly […]

MYTHRA- The Death & Destiny EP (Guardian / Street Beat, UK, 1979 / 1980)


A local NWOBHM band of some weight was MYTHRA. Even in Heidiland, they were taken notice of, most likely due to coverage in NME and Kerrang and maybe the formidable cover artwork played a role too.MYTHRA is one of the “big” groups in the “minor” league, and as they stated in an interview, they really […]

VERMIN- Rehearsal Demo (selfreleased, USA, 1984)


Not much is known about VERMIN. The three track demo tape here was sent to a friend of mine in December of 1984 by the band and quickly found its way into my collection. I did a bit of googlin & doodlin’ and found some bits & pieces on the history of VERMIN – everything […]

CHAOS Z- Abmarsch 7″EP (Mülleimer, Germany, 1981)


I struggled long and hard before the vast majority of German Hardcore Punk started to speak to me. Some of the worst jocks I met in my life had Mohawks, a beer bottle glued to their one hand, the other hand in the air and on the back of the leather jacket-uniform, you could see […]