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Monthly Archives: July 2008

DISFORIA- Compilation Tape (Disforia, Italy, 1983)


This post has been made possible by Papalla from Torino / Italy. Thanks so much, Papalla! The picture shows DECLINO live and first appeared in Stiv’s T.V.O.R. fanzine, stolen from What we have here is one of the most ferocious and wild compilations I’ve heard in my life. DISFORIA was a fanzine that lasted […]

ANTI-CIMEX- Raped Ass 7″EP (A-Records, Sweden, 1983)


There are two reasons for me to post the follow-up to «Anarkist Attack» by ANTI-CIMEX. One would be the incredible and intolerable objections articulated by certain commentators against this most wonderful band. Another would be that I feel really crusty at the moment (sweaty, dumb and as empty as the beer bottles in my kitchen). […]