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LIXOMANIA- Violencia & sobrevivencia 7"EP (CD-001, Brazil, 1982)

Jumping on the band wagon by reposting this. Now complete EP freshly ripped. Since I don’t speak mongolian, I can’t say nothing about the lyrics. We might hear more soon though. First posted August 1. 2006.

Now here’s one for the HC lads again:
LIXOMANIA were Brazils première HC band and their only release (apart from possible Compilation songs that I’m currently unaware of) was this hard to find and great 7″EP, entitled “Violencia & Sobrevivencia” from 1982. 6 songs all in all of which you get to hear the title track – extremely aggressive singing, fuzzy guitars and a raw production. Fucking awesome!!

I think there was a reissue of this on CD. But who needs CDs when there’s banks, guns and Ebay.

Violencia & sobrevivencia.mp3
Massacre Inocente.mp3
O Punk Rock nao morreu.mp3
Ze ninguem.mp3
Os Punk’s tambem amam.mp3