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LIXOMANIA- Violencia & sobrevivencia 7"EP (CD-001, Brazil, 1982)

Jumping on the band wagon by reposting this. Now complete EP freshly ripped. Since I don’t speak mongolian, I can’t say nothing about the lyrics. We might hear more soon though. First posted August 1. 2006.

Now here’s one for the HC lads again:
LIXOMANIA were Brazils première HC band and their only release (apart from possible Compilation songs that I’m currently unaware of) was this hard to find and great 7″EP, entitled “Violencia & Sobrevivencia” from 1982. 6 songs all in all of which you get to hear the title track – extremely aggressive singing, fuzzy guitars and a raw production. Fucking awesome!!

I think there was a reissue of this on CD. But who needs CDs when there’s banks, guns and Ebay.

Violencia & sobrevivencia.mp3
Massacre Inocente.mp3
O Punk Rock nao morreu.mp3
Ze ninguem.mp3
Os Punk’s tambem amam.mp3


  1. Jonathan

    there was a cd but it’s sold out. can you post the other songs too?


    Posted on 02-Aug-06 at 00:15 | Permalink
  2. Peter - KBDRecords

    Another unheard gemm. I’m not to updated on the old Brazil stuff. Have Olho Seco and Inocentes but that’s all. Oh yeah Ratos De Porao but I never liked them. Thanks Erich!


    Posted on 02-Aug-06 at 03:06 | Permalink
  3. gepetto

    This is a very rare record!


    Posted on 04-Aug-06 at 15:11 | Permalink
  4. maniaco

    I am from Brazil… I have all the songs for htis CD and other stuff as well… let me know if you want it…


    Posted on 14-Dec-06 at 08:59 | Permalink
  5. Hey Erich, here is why this is so hard to find: once Moreno (vocal on LIXO MANIA) told me they used to make the EP release by releasing (throwing) it in the air, giving it to kids, breaking the records, etc… cause no one wanted to buy this in the time, so half of the pressing was wasted in this way!!!


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 13:05 | Permalink
  6. Pretty cool.
    As a nerd remark though, I wouldn’t say they were THE première hardcore band in Brazil. Cólera started before and was more hardcore then Lixomania.
    The Grito Suburbano comp was also recorded and released around the same time as the Lixomania EP and the 3 bands there (Colera, Inocentes and Olho Seco) also have a more hardcore sound than Lixomania, even though the latter had this crazy buzzsaw guitar sound.


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 13:05 | Permalink
  7. But Lixomania had the first HC release, at least that’s what I always thought. Colera came a year later, didn’t they?

    Nice info, Marcelo – thanks a lot! That explains why this babe is so hard to get!


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 13:09 | Permalink
  8. And just to add: i heard last year some vinyl where found without the covers and some guy did new covers on silk screen and they sold good on e-bay…


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 13:10 | Permalink
  9. Erich, as far as single band releases go, this is the first punk one in Brazil, let alone hardcore.
    But Cólera started before them and was featured on record before as well (Grito Suburbano, recorded in ’81, released in ’82), although not so long before, and on a comp. Cólera’s first record of their own came out in ’84, after the Inocentes, Olho Seco and Ratos de Porao records.

    By the way, here’s a cool video of Cólera on TV in 1980, before any punk band here put anything out. They still weren’t that hardcore hehehe…


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 19:39 | Permalink
  10. ae



    Posted on 18-Jul-08 at 01:52 | Permalink
  11. beautiful atmosfere + great buzzing guitars. dont have 7” unfortunately, but have vinyl rip for years, and enjoy every time i listen to it. few years ago founded CD (same title as EP) released on Speedstate, great collection including lives, demos, etc!


    Posted on 18-Jul-08 at 03:42 | Permalink
  12. This is definitely the first Brazilian Punk 7″ EP and first effort from a single Brazilian Punk band. I remember Fabio (Olho Seco) telling me stories about guys from Lixomania (pronounces LishomaNi’a) bringing a trolley full of records to be sold at his record shop and Fabio getting mad about it, saying: “too much stuff!!”
    Lixomania also appears on the live compilation LP “O Começo do Fim do Mundo” released on 1983.


    Posted on 21-Jul-08 at 08:43 | Permalink
  13. Pity

    Well One band sing in Spanish and the other in Portuguese, you do not need to speak Mongolian.


    Posted on 13-Aug-08 at 20:07 | Permalink
  14. Diego

    Que estupidez el comentario con el que parte el post. Seguramente el inglés es el unico idioma del mundo…

    Este es un gran registro, eso no se niega, por el contrario se agradece. Lixomania es el primer lanzamiento punk de Brasil. Muchas gracias! (thanks!)


    Posted on 01-Feb-09 at 15:09 | Permalink
  15. thanks for the lyric sheet scan. i had this on tape in the 1980’s; finally got a copy in 1992 but it had no lyric sheet. thanks!!


    Posted on 21-Mar-09 at 21:32 | Permalink

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