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ISM- A Diet for the Worms LP (S.I.N., USA, 1983)

Repost from September 4. 2006. Added complete LP download in fresh hi-quality rip. Just got news that no official reissue is in sight yet due to personal problems. So in the meantime, download this, burn it onto a CD-R, turn up loud and enjoy one of the most original LPs from the Hardcore Punk sector (and beyond). Just check out “Put on your War Paint” and go berserk! If you also want to hear the totally abrassive second 7″ of ISM, you should go there.

NY’s ISM had two 7“s before releasing this monstrous LP in 1983. I’m sure everybody has heard numerous stories about the band, the singer’s prison career and all that – those who haven’t should’t hestitate to check out the ISM post on various punkvault pages or google around a bit. No big deal eh.
Here are some of the highlights of this hard to conquer LP – a total headblast still and an adventure in stereophonic auto-eroticism! I prefer “I think I love you” on the 7″, cuz it sounds just better and I didn’t include “John Hinckley JR” becoose the “Big Apple Rotten to the Core” version is waaaaay better. “Put on your Warpaint” just kills. And yes – there seems to be a CD available. So whot.

Download the complete LP here. It comes as one lovely .zip file and it will make you eat your panties.

Files removed by request from Bob Sallese.


  1. Superclassy

    I have been waiting to hear this for a long time. Absolutely fantastic. A cd you say? where might i pick that thing up. Can’t stand not hearing the rest of it.

    Big Apple is a great comp as well. Solid all the way through.

    Thanks for the ism!


    Posted on 05-Sep-06 at 20:44 | Permalink
  2. the chief

    would have loved to post the entire thing, but even for these few songs, I first had to delete the NF demo. need webspace and the donations button is still there …. (thank gawd I have no kids).

    You may get the CD here:
    If yer under 18, do not look at the mainpage of this site.


    Posted on 05-Sep-06 at 23:45 | Permalink
  3. Peter - KBDRecords

    One of the best and most original US HC LPs ever made. Higly underrated. ISM where just too good to get big among the close minded punks.


    Posted on 06-Sep-06 at 02:56 | Permalink
  4. E.

    Exactly, Peter! Same thing with IMPATIENT YOUTH and CIRITH UNGOL, just to name a few ….. 😀


    Posted on 06-Sep-06 at 03:14 | Permalink
  5. Peter - KBDRecords

    HA HA LOL :D!!


    Posted on 06-Sep-06 at 03:16 | Permalink
  6. hc81

    care to post the complete lp? don’t wanna buy the cd from the porn site you linked ……


    Posted on 06-Sep-06 at 04:58 | Permalink
  7. Peter - KBDRecords

    Maybe we shall do a split post here Erich. You take one side and I’ll take the other ;). Nah, just buy the CD! Worth every penny I guess.


    Posted on 06-Sep-06 at 06:09 | Permalink
  8. E.

    Nudge nudge hint hint Peter! 😉

    What’s wrong with porn? It’s true DIY punk spirit: “Here’s a cock, there’s a cunt and this is a camera – now make a movie!”.


    Posted on 06-Sep-06 at 06:15 | Permalink
  9. Anonymous

    fyi – i have that cd listed in the link and it is NOT the LP, it is the 7″, the Big Apple tracks and later bad stuff. I have never seen Diet on disc but i did pick it up in greenwhich village about 3 years ago for $25.


    Posted on 07-Sep-06 at 21:33 | Permalink
  10. E.

    So that means it might be a good idea to post the missing tracks too?


    Posted on 08-Sep-06 at 00:03 | Permalink
  11. Haizman_Brain

    Please post Nixon Now….I used to have that song from an old MRR show on cassette many years ago (over 20!). THanks!!!


    Posted on 12-Sep-06 at 23:42 | Permalink
  12. Anonymous



    Posted on 01-Oct-06 at 20:01 | Permalink
  13. Anonymous

    You can hear other Ism songs on the Official Ism myspace Website:

    Also they have a blog there with a link to the Ism/Tiny Tim video


    Posted on 16-Oct-06 at 12:57 | Permalink
  14. no labels

    You should have post back cover’s pic too…


    Posted on 26-Dec-06 at 19:08 | Permalink
  15. hugauze

    yo!That ISM LP is definitely one the hidden gem of that holy 81-83 HC era,along w/ the 1st Hypnotics LP.
    I have everything ISM put out except the 2nd 45,icluding both “rotten to the core” comps,their 2 12″ EPs,the 1st 7″,”Diet” LP and the CD comp that came out around 99.
    These guys were geniuses !


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 15:19 | Permalink
  16. kountchokula

    am i too late for the download? all I get is an empty or corrupt zip file.


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 16:21 | Permalink
  17. malfeitor

    You’ve been at this so long I forgot you had written this one up before! For me, this was one of those LPs from the bargain bin that turned out to be an awesome purchase. With a cover like that how the hell did it end up in the close outs??? I’d have thought some pimply teen would have beat me to this one just to shock his parents.


    Posted on 17-Jul-08 at 17:38 | Permalink
  18. Link fixed – it works now!

    Maybe this wouldn’t shock parents, Mafeitor. A lot of people (parents, obviously) seem to think giving birth is a “natural” and “nice” thing.


    Posted on 18-Jul-08 at 00:09 | Permalink
  19. One of the greatest records ever released. YOUR noodle is a toy Erich!


    Posted on 18-Jul-08 at 00:51 | Permalink
  20. A very small toy!


    Posted on 18-Jul-08 at 00:58 | Permalink
  21. this was pretty darn great!


    Posted on 20-Jul-08 at 23:51 | Permalink
  22. kountchokula

    Thanks for the quality rip. I have this record on vinyl and a cassette copy but don’t own a device for listening to either so this is the first time I’ve heard it in years. Totally original. Gotta recommend the Big Apple – Rotten to the Core compilation also, one of the best comps ever IMO. Right up there with This is Boston…Not LA. Thanks again for the most intelligent and obscure audioblog on the net.


    Posted on 25-Jul-08 at 10:15 | Permalink
  23. roman

    this is fantastic! they were very good musicians, and they were pretty damn sick as well. i wonder what they were like live. their music sounds as a soundtrack to some crazy happening…


    Posted on 19-Sep-08 at 07:34 | Permalink
  24. industrislaven

    I downloaded this a good time ago, but until just until recently i really discovered it.

    All hail the lateborn legions!


    Posted on 24-Oct-08 at 18:36 | Permalink
  25. I came across the DIET LP in a used record store in ’83 and bought it based on the cover alone. Little did I know I had discovered one of the greatest hardcore records ever! Genius lyrics and quality musicianship to back it up. I burned mine to cd years ago but wish it would get remastered!

    Check out:

    or here for the 1996 video with Tiny Tim:


    Posted on 18-Feb-09 at 17:12 | Permalink
  26. Alastair

    Just saw Ism in NYC at ABC No Rio, was so impressed with ‘diet’ I flew from London UK for the show (no kidding). They were excellent, tight, loud, full of energy. Jism and Bob Sallese took me out for beers/dinner after the show at ABC, got the whole Ism history first hand! Check them out live on the radio the day before at Next show in July, listed on their myspace site, unfortunately I cannot be there, but I’d certainly recommend ’em.


    Posted on 11-May-09 at 12:22 | Permalink
  27. Pugz

    I first heard this LP on Rodney on the ROQ back in 1983/4. He played Life’s a bowl. I’ve had a crush ever since.


    Posted on 18-Jul-11 at 02:11 | Permalink
  28. tolnex

    Re-up possible!


    Posted on 11-Feb-15 at 20:50 | Permalink
  29. Throw Away

    Thanks Bob Sallese.


    Posted on 24-Dec-15 at 05:55 | Permalink
  30. Throw Away

    Thank swiss grind god i snatched this before bob struck.

    Proud to be guilty tbh.


    Posted on 24-Dec-15 at 05:58 | Permalink

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