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ISM- A Diet for the Worms LP (S.I.N., USA, 1983)

Repost from September 4. 2006. Added complete LP download in fresh hi-quality rip. Just got news that no official reissue is in sight yet due to personal problems. So in the meantime, download this, burn it onto a CD-R, turn up loud and enjoy one of the most original LPs from the Hardcore Punk sector (and beyond). Just check out “Put on your War Paint” and go berserk! If you also want to hear the totally abrassive second 7″ of ISM, you should go there.

NY’s ISM had two 7“s before releasing this monstrous LP in 1983. I’m sure everybody has heard numerous stories about the band, the singer’s prison career and all that – those who haven’t should’t hestitate to check out the ISM post on various punkvault pages or google around a bit. No big deal eh.
Here are some of the highlights of this hard to conquer LP – a total headblast still and an adventure in stereophonic auto-eroticism! I prefer “I think I love you” on the 7″, cuz it sounds just better and I didn’t include “John Hinckley JR” becoose the “Big Apple Rotten to the Core” version is waaaaay better. “Put on your Warpaint” just kills. And yes – there seems to be a CD available. So whot.

Download the complete LP here. It comes as one lovely .zip file and it will make you eat your panties.

Files removed by request from Bob Sallese.