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V/A UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED- Compilation 7″EP (Modern Method Records, USA, 1982)

Although I don’t expect anybody has not heard this, it’s still mandatory to post. Accompaning the phenomenal, epochal, perfect THIS IS BOTSON NOT L.A. comp, although being sold seperatly, UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED collects the songs that didn’t make it onto the LP due to playing time restrictions.
GANG GREEN start off with “Selfish”. Insert a random superlative for “good”, “great” etc. here. GROINOIDS follow with their best song, “Empty Skull”. Then THE PROLETARIAT invite you to another seminar in (vulgar) marxist “Voodoo Economics”. Please use another superlative here. Flip the plastic over and JERRY’S KIDS fuck shit up with “Machine Gun”. Superlative please. THE F.U.’S “CETA Suckers” albeit being totally simple is such a catchy song it had to be put on about every comp of the 82/83 era. THE FREEZE can’t find the handle to open the door from the inside, so they stay in “Refrigerator Heaven”. Insert a superlative of any known affirmative superlative here. If I had only 5 albums to take with me on the famous island, “Land of the Lost” would be one of them. Cliff Hanger, the Raymond Carver of Hardcore, is one of the few Punk characters I’d love to meet one day. Still, I’d like to know what the bassist had on his headphones when he recorded the lines to “Refrigerator Heaven”.
German bootleg of this plays on 45 and most copies had no cover. Few had color copies of it, but they’re easy to tell from the original.
My scanner changed the orange lettering on the cover to red. The original cover doesn’t look like the scan, colorwise.

GANG GREEN: Selfish.mp3
GROINOIDS: Empty Skull.mp3
THE PROLETARIAT: Voodoo Economics.mp3
JERRY’S KIDS: Machine Gun.mp3
THE F.U.’S: CETA Suckers.mp3
THE FREEZE: Refigerator Heaven.mp3