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CRUDE S.S.- Who’ll survive 7″EP (Uproar Records, Sweden, 198somewhen)

Okay, Peter had three posts in a row today and I shall have two. All fuck ups that might appear in here are due to a bottle of fine white Bordeau I just had, so don’t blame me! “Under your influence, wrong goes right!”

Peter hates CRUDE S.S. and as funny as it might sound – I know why, although I still like this 7″. I used to be madly in love with it, but my feelings have cooled down in the meantime. It’s a dark, melodramatic and kinda brutal record, sounding like a cross between Hellhammer and Discharge. Maybe the best CRUDE S.S. ever recorded were the three tracks on “The Vikings are coming” comp. LP, but still, this touches me in a way. When the guy sings “We can destroy the earth ten times” and you’re supposed to be realy upset and worried, I always felt very good about those nuclear things. Hahaha. Good memories: When I had quit a job once, I drove home on my moped. That was in 1986. On the walkman, I had CRUDE S.S. blasting. At the job, I had thrown some stuff through the closed windows, telling the boss to fuck off – this seemed perfectly underlined with CRUDE S.S. At home, my father tried to hit me, but I hit him first and that was the last time he tried.
The photo you see here shows me ca. 1991. It was taken in Leipzig, Eastern Germany, short time after the wall had fallen. FEAR OF GOD were supposed to play a gig there, but the other guys decided not to show up, so in the day of the gig, I formed an ad-hoc band with Seth of ANAL CUNT drumming and some guys of FEEDBACK RECYCLING on guitars and bass. It was HORRIBLE but after (or before?) the gig I received a hectic blowjob [none of your business] from a girl with a mohawk and quite a bit of money from the promoters. Damn, I looked better when I still had a regular sex life. Or did I have a regular sex life cause I looked better? It’s getting very philosophical here! And when I had a CRUDE S.S. shirt. If you would like to have intercourse with me, please drop me a line. I’m easy to get when I’m drunk.
Folks in Sweden: When was this recorded and released? I don’t believe it came out in 1983, as you normally see. I think it came out in either 85 or 86. When was it recorded? I still have some photos of the band lying around somewhere from when I interviewed the guitarist for my fanzine in 1985 or so. Might add them when I’m able to look for them again. Enjoy fuckers. Enjoy. This goes out to Peter who now absolutely loves CRUDE S.S. haha.

Forced Values.mp3
Sick Pleasure.mp3
Destroy Capitalism.mp3
Who’ll survive.mp3
You can’t deny it.mp3
Respect the Earth.mp3