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ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT- Dead Serious Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1985)

One of my favourite demo tapes ever! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT came out of the blue with this one. They sent out the demo tape to a lot of international fanzines and radio stations and got very popular immediately. Everybody was blown away – rarely had there been a genuine blend of the best elements of both Hardcore and Metal, played with such passion. The joy is literally bleeding through within every note, yet all the songs have a fascinating melodramatic atmosphere. Really really intense! “In the Center it was silent” gives me goose bumps. What a song! By the way, this was recorded at the infamous “Turk Street Studios” where EXODUS also had recorded a demo tape. If said EXODUS demo only had the sound this one has ….
The LP that followed (“American Paranoia”) was long in the making (same Pusmort procedere as always). The advance tape found its way into trader circles quickly again and it actually sounded better than the actual vinyl did, with a lot more crunch to it. The LP somehow never impressed me half as much as the demo. I don’t know what it is, but it just lacks something. also, the whole package was so damn shitty looking.
In 1986, I met Rick Strahl (bassist) at a gig in San Francisco. A true gentleman of Crossover. If I remember correctly, he came to me and asked me how a guy from Switzerland hanging around in San Francisco could wear a Attitude Adjustment T-Shirt (the classic one, with the soldier and the peace sign fingers). Might also be that John Scharpen introduced us to each other. Maybe John remembers this little episode.
I suspect that this tape has suffered a bit over the years in terms of sound (that strange wobbling sound you hear, you know). Still, it’s got a clear and crisp sound and I think these rips are definately a lot better than the cheap ass files floating around. At a later time, I might be uploading the LP rough mix and a killer rehearsal tape too.

Download the complete demo here as one .zip file. Encoded in hi-quality 320 kb/sec bit rate.