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VORKRIEGSPHASE- Scheiss Krieg 7″EP (Rock-O-Rama, Germany, 1983)

Krazy krazy Krauts! VORKRIEGSPHASE were notorious for having one of the most wicked guitar sounds to ever grace the face of the earth. I mean, can you believe this fuzzy mayhem? Incredible! Such a wild bunch, seriously wonder what these guys are up to today (if still alive). If you dig this, you should get yourself a copy of the LP – same, exactly the same (most likely recorded in one session, both 7″ and LP tracks), but it lasts much much longer. It leaves you with some ringing in your ears for good. Art, this is art! This is naked violence,  naked violence! And the guitar solos are in the ANTI-CIMEX vein, but believe me, they’re even better so. Generally speaking, one can say that VORKRIEGSPHASE make most (almost every) band sound like Joan Baez in comparison. Makes one think of maybe ripping the LP …
Released on the notorious Rock-O-Rama label. As far as VORKRIEGSPHASE dumb lyrics go, this was sure as hell the right pick. But as I keep saying since so many years now: A band with such a guitar sound can get away with a lot more crap than others. One of the shiniest moments in recorded music history, no doubt!

Starve to Death.mp3
Scheiss Krieg.mp3