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ANTI-CIMEX- Raped Ass 7″EP (A-Records, Sweden, 1983)

There are two reasons for me to post the follow-up to «Anarkist Attack» by ANTI-CIMEX. One would be the incredible and intolerable objections articulated by certain commentators against this most wonderful band. Another would be that I feel really crusty at the moment (sweaty, dumb and as empty as the beer bottles in my kitchen).
Peter KBD thinks ANTI-CIMEX lacked originality. I think Peter is wrong. Or let’s put it this way: When hearing the countless “crust bands” that followed, one often forgets who originally came up with it, and at that before it had become a formula (the most despicable style of music and fashion I can think of, made by idiots for idiots, with some of the silliest lyrics I ever read. All this regressive animal loving and anti-humanitarian bullshit with “anti capitalistic” lyrics that seems to be coming from 5 years old growing up on the CRASS farm in the 70s. Bizarre! Degoutant! Nauseating! Whenever I see one of them in the typical uniform, I think to myself, “oh, look there, a Muesli Punk”. Now that I think of this abonimable crust crap, I call for a law. There must be a worldwide anti-crust law, followed by schooling programs and boot camps for crusties!).
Maybe DISCHARGE or DISORDER were even more of a blueprint because their records were widely distributed – but ANTI-CIMEX coined their own variation for sure. “War Machine” makes me think of driving a tank into a crust festival. Brilliant!

The b-side has quite a bit of crusty crackling here. Often repressed after this first version. Mid 80s copies had blank labels, xerox sleeve and were on clear vinyl. 100 of these had porn images on the labels (or was it the cover? Sold mine long ago and only kept the original press).

One last word: Should certain commentators uphold their objections against ANTI-CIMEX, they are kindly invited to drop me a line and arrange a personal meeting in my offices.

When the Innocent die.mp3
War Machine.mp3
Total Silence.mp3
Cries of Pain.mp3
Raped Ass.mp3

PS: One final word: The front cover is so horrible, but the heavy cardboard is nice.