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Monthly Archives: July 2008

SIEGE- Drop Dead 7″EP (Bootleg, Switzerland, 1989)


The escalation in terms of speed and aggression in both Hardcore and Metal had led to a totally new sound in the late 70s and especially the early 80s: Never before in the annals of music had there been such a wild, uncompromising and highly (un-)talented bunch of thousands of bands and individuals worldwide, who […]

AVENGERS- s/t 7″EP (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1977)


One of the most impressive, deepest and richest first wave U.S. Punk 7″. Menacing, aggressive, driven and melancholic. Although my favourite AVENGERS song is not on this one (that’s the incredible “Thin white Line”), the other fave of mine is. This is essential, just like everything the AVENGERS touched in their short lifetime. And yes, […]

LIXOMANIA- Violencia & sobrevivencia 7"EP (CD-001, Brazil, 1982)


Jumping on the band wagon by reposting this. Now complete EP freshly ripped. Since I don’t speak mongolian, I can’t say nothing about the lyrics. We might hear more soon though. First posted August 1. 2006. Now here’s one for the HC lads again: LIXOMANIA were Brazils première HC band and their only release (apart […]

ISM- A Diet for the Worms LP (S.I.N., USA, 1983)


Repost from September 4. 2006. Added complete LP download in fresh hi-quality rip. Just got news that no official reissue is in sight yet due to personal problems. So in the meantime, download this, burn it onto a CD-R, turn up loud and enjoy one of the most original LPs from the Hardcore Punk sector […]

OVERKILL- s/t 12″EP (Azra / Metal Storm Records, USA, 1984)


Dave from Rocket Science just has posted the test pressing of JAG PANZER’s epochal “Ample Destruction” LP. In honor of both his (underappreciated) blog and JAG PANZER, here’s my instant reply. OVERKILL belonged to the same wave of NWOBHM-inspired U.S. Metal and long before everybody else, OVERKILL coined the Power Metal tag. But unlike JAG […]

V/A UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED- Compilation 7″EP (Modern Method Records, USA, 1982)


Although I don’t expect anybody has not heard this, it’s still mandatory to post. Accompaning the phenomenal, epochal, perfect THIS IS BOTSON NOT L.A. comp, although being sold seperatly, UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED collects the songs that didn’t make it onto the LP due to playing time restrictions. GANG GREEN start off with “Selfish”. Insert […]

CRUDE S.S.- Who’ll survive 7″EP (Uproar Records, Sweden, 198somewhen)


Okay, Peter had three posts in a row today and I shall have two. All fuck ups that might appear in here are due to a bottle of fine white Bordeau I just had, so don’t blame me! “Under your influence, wrong goes right!” Peter hates CRUDE S.S. and as funny as it might sound […]

REALLY RED- Despise Moral Majority 7″EP (CIA Records, USA, 1980)


Killed by Death Records and Good Bad Music had done a REALLY RED split post before and when we discussed our next shared effort in honor of this impossible-to-overrate band from Texas, we got a bit in an argument over who would post what. Well, since Peter doesn’t house the live 7″ I had to […]

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT- Dead Serious Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


One of my favourite demo tapes ever! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT came out of the blue with this one. They sent out the demo tape to a lot of international fanzines and radio stations and got very popular immediately. Everybody was blown away – rarely had there been a genuine blend of the best elements of both […]

VORKRIEGSPHASE- Scheiss Krieg 7″EP (Rock-O-Rama, Germany, 1983)


Krazy krazy Krauts! VORKRIEGSPHASE were notorious for having one of the most wicked guitar sounds to ever grace the face of the earth. I mean, can you believe this fuzzy mayhem? Incredible! Such a wild bunch, seriously wonder what these guys are up to today (if still alive). If you dig this, you should get […]