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CHAIN REACTION- Gabbie 7″EP (Belfagor Records, Italy, 1985)

More furious Hardcore from Italy! CHAIN REACTION released this smokin’ and steamin’ six tracker of an avalanche whirlitzer megaton missile in 1985 and unfortunately I’ve never heard from them again. The band consisted of three Nicolas, an Edy and a Guido and as far as I know know, they never played outside Italy. As always – feel free to fill  us in with any additional information!
Hard to pick a fave track here. All six songs are fast, tuneful Hardcore, 100% metalfree and with a great angry singer (check “Your bloody War”!). I used to call “No way out” my most beloved song here, mainly due to Berlin’s PINK FLAMINGO’s killer cover version (they covered this and the F.U’s “Pennies from Heaven” live and I tell you, that RIPPED! Must dig up some live tapes one day). What I especially like is the cheap recording. It sounds like it’s recorded in a bo or something, with no production whatsoever. And it’s especially this which transports the power of the band and compositions. Unlike all this crap music that is being released as “Punk” or “Hardcore” since 20 years and which all has the same production and riffs, this is the real deal. Enjoy!

Bloody Ways.mp3
No Way out.mp3
Your bloody War.mp3
Personal Autodistruzione.mp3

PS: Too lazy to scan and reassemble the fold out lyric sheet. Might add it later.