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MANOWAR- Defender 12″ (Music for Nations, UK, 1984)

My heart beats like a machine gun fired by a spaz: This is the most courageous of posts! It takes a heart of steel and blood of fire to speak out the truth. The first four MANOWAR albums, the first demo and this 12″ are godlike. Immortals (immorals?) of Metal!

Yes, this is actually Orson Welles’ voice you hear there. Crazy, innit. When you play the song on 45, it loses much of its heroic and larger than life aura though, but it adds a very smurfish feeling. Crazy crazy crazy. The B-side has the album version of “Gloves of Metal”. Gloves of Metal. The title alone. Priceless.

Defender.mp3 [Original version, not the lame re-done version of the 90s]
Smurf-Defender.mp3 [on 45 RPM]