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S.O.B.- Leave me alone 7″EP (Selfish Records, Japan, 1986)

I will never forget when I got a package from Olivier who was in PSYCHO SIN, after he had moved to the USA and had a small mailorder thing going, called Deflagration. We used to trade tapes and such for a while. I think said package contained the first Psycho Sin 7″ and a tape with various bands. One one them was S.O.B. (SABOTAGE ORGANIZED BARBARIANS) who I had heard on the LAST PUNK OSAKA compilation, but that didn’ t make much impression on me. So how surprised was I when these nine tracks (the 7″ had just been released) ripped through my speakers. Insane! Rarely has such fury been unleashed and still, this has got to be one of the most ferocious, aggressive and blistering records ever. I didn’t hesitate and ordered a bunch of “Leave me alone” 7″s for my own mailorder (“Kamikaze Attack – The slowest Mailorder in the World”, cause it always took me years to bring those packages to the post office. Needless to say the mailorder didn’t last very long, haha).
The band’s next release “Don’t be swindle” was in circulation in form of an advance tape for a bit of time, mainly due to Mick Harris’ (Napalm Death) appreciation of the band. I used to like it much, but it was nowhere near the intensity of “Leave me alone”. So the “japanese SIEGE” got more popular – and went the Metal way. I had lost interest in the band by the time they toured Europe in 1988. You know: Metal is great and Hardcore is great and Punk is great – but bands changing genres normally produce a bunch of crap. That’s a rule of thumb. But I know from many people that these gigs were quite impressive. Silly me, I missed them completely.

Later, the band’s singer commited suicide (okay, that’s all hearsay now). He threw himself in front of the train, after he couldn’t see a way out of some drug dealing issues with the japanese Mafia. His mother was sued by the japanese transportation services who operate the trains, because the suicide had caused damage and loss of money due to trains not being able to operate for a while. I think there were some benefits raised in order to help  out the poor mom. Crazy shit.
Collector nerdism: It’s said that 5’000 were made of this 7″ (!). Can this be true? It was officially repressed as a 12″ on Selfish ca. 87-88, with a massive sound. I’d love to have that again, as well as “Don’t be swindle”. If you’re selling these, please get in touch. Oh yes, now that I think of it, I want that Psycho Sin 7″ back too.

I would like to dedicate this to myself for being such an asshole. Thank you, myself. Or in the words of S.O.B.: “I’m nothing understand”. Fuck man, “Let’s go Beach” and “Knock out”, then “Leave me alone” until the next “Sudden Rise of Desire” for “Fat Women”. I’ll go off like “SDI & ABM” and they gimme a “Slap in the Face”. “Don’t be swindle”. “Thrash Night”!

Not me.mp3
Give me Advice.mp3
Fat Women.mp3
SDI & ABM.mp3
Knock out.mp3
Sudden Rise of Desire.mp3
Leave me alone.mp3
Slap in the Face.mp3
Thrash Night.mp3


  1. chano

    Great fast thrash classic !!! Heard it around ’91 and istantly fell in love with this ripper . Short , fast and mayhemic !!! 🙂


    Posted on 26-Jun-08 at 06:57 | Permalink
  2. JJ

    man your rips sound incredibly CRISP compared to the cd I have! what do these people always do wrong on reissues??? if I had a band I’d ask you to supervise the sound things 🙂

    oh yeah – GODLY record! amazing amazing amazing!


    Posted on 26-Jun-08 at 07:05 | Permalink
  3. JJ: All my rips are done with 1 zillion mb/sec LOVE, in LOVE stereo and with LOVE preamplification.


    Posted on 26-Jun-08 at 08:24 | Permalink
  4. Frank Mossi

    hahaha I can’t believe you tagged the files as “SOB (Sabotage Oriented Bavarians)” HAHAHAHA


    Posted on 26-Jun-08 at 10:54 | Permalink
  5. “All my rips are done with 1 zillion mb/sec LOVE, in LOVE stereo and with LOVE preamplification”

    When you rip Manowar it´ll not be with love, it´ll be with blood and anger!!

    Also big thanks for this mega upload, I first heard SOB on the splitflexi with ND and I thought it was great then and I think they are great now!


    Posted on 26-Jun-08 at 12:42 | Permalink
  6. chano

    Their later material wasn’t so good . Too metal oriented for my tastes… :-/


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 04:43 | Permalink
  7. Fuck yeah!


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 07:06 | Permalink
  8. This one goes in the top 10 of what you have posted so far. Too good, to even really desribe. The Japanese scene is one of my weaker points as far as knowing what was going on, but this record provides a real education. It made me want to move from the first tune right through to the last. Thank you for this gift.


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 07:17 | Permalink
  9. Jerry B

    Seeing them in ’88 was pretty amazing and even in my hometown 🙂 The first Jap band I ever saw live and they had such an energy and precision it was scary.
    5000 doesn’t seem that far fetched to me. Japan, is a big place and Selfish was a big label. And you’re right the 12″ version kicks major ass too, but I’m not letting go of it 🙂
    Great rip as usual.


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 08:43 | Permalink
  10. Jerry B

    actaully come to think of it, wasnt it ’89?


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 08:44 | Permalink
  11. totally brilliant and timeless stuff! the yurp tour was in june ’89, with napalm death, and took ’em through holland, germany and england – they were a SHOCKING live-band, intense, tight, to the point. naoto, then-bassist, went on to form ‘rise from the dead’, whose early stuff might be palatable, but then they got iffy, like S.O.B. after ‘leave me alone’. tottsuan’s family did get some major stick from the jap rail company, his death was apparently yakuza-related, but was it suicide?
    sorry master, but i’ll also hold on to my 12″. more japcore!


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 10:43 | Permalink
  12. alfonsin

    Great record, but imho, that badly drawn Pushead inspired cover art is ugly as HELL !!!


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 11:10 | Permalink
  13. @ Justin: Glad you like it. It’s indeed a RIPPER.

    @ Jerry B (brother of Jerry A? hoho): Well, considering many japanese HC records came in press runs of 2000, some even like 500, 5000 sounds like a lot to me, but you’re right of course: it’s a huge, how do they call it, market.

    @ DP: I had exactly your voice in my head when I mentioned how impressed people were by thee first SOB euro gigs. I thinkyou followed them pretty much around europe, didn’t you. The suicide thing is nothing but hearsay. Since I drink so little alcohol, my memory has been become a vegan cheese!

    @ Alfonsin: Actually, the cover looks kinda neat to me. Dunno why, maybe I just got accustomed to it.


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 11:26 | Permalink
  14. Zach

    Most of the Selfish Records stuff was pressed in thousands of copies. I think the rarest is the Shoudoku Gig LP and there are 2000 of those, so imagine how many there are of the more popular stuff like Gauze, Lip Cream, etc. Judging by some ebay prices though, most people don’t seem to know this, hehe.


    Posted on 27-Jun-08 at 18:48 | Permalink
  15. i got interested in japanese hc, years ago when i heard this 7″ masterpiece for the first time. shining energy from early SxOxB was punch in my head. as good was early that bad is late SxOxB. since this is my first comment hi everybody.


    Posted on 28-Jun-08 at 16:31 | Permalink
  16. Really? He ‘comitted suicide’ due to problems with japan mafia? Oh yeah, i remember it, Japan mafia is called Yakuza, i remember it from the school times in 1996 when i was 12 years old. haha

    I liked SOB since first time i heard it, some years ago. I don’t know, maybe it’s becouse i’m so ‘young’ compared to you, your old men, haha, but i have no problem with some bands that changed their kind of music … and i like all SOB releases. Better, almost all, i think i didn’t heard some new stuff … after the death of the original vocalist. People said that they were mixing their music with dub … is it true? SOund interesting … someone post it?

    Anyway, thanks … i’m yet have it in mp3, but i’m downloading again due to your rips is always very nice. Thanks Brotha!


    Posted on 28-Jun-08 at 18:35 | Permalink
  17. yeah, in 1999. SxOxB recorded (with Naoto on vocal) album “Dub Grind” and put more experimental / dub moments in their musick. after this LP they re-recorded (with Etsushi on vocal) old SxOxB classics, i think that was pointless. however, i prefer stuff before 1990.


    Posted on 29-Jun-08 at 09:29 | Permalink
  18. Sean

    This 12″/7″ (whichever) is sort of their ND “Scum” to me: going “somewhere”, fast indeed, but lacks “punch”. The following LP/12″ is one of my all-time untouchable classics!!!


    Posted on 29-Jun-08 at 13:31 | Permalink
  19. Are you kidding Sean??? And “Scum” is the quintessential and only ND record one has to have. Me thinks. And me thinks always right. Always. I = Mr.Hardcore forever. Haha, pardon me. Had a bit too much sun on my head today.


    Posted on 29-Jun-08 at 14:21 | Permalink
  20. Jerry B

    Admin.. yeah yeah jerry b.. gotta think of something fast and this kinda sounds like my real name so there you go 🙂
    Anyhow, didnt selfish have a policy where shops had to order a pretty big number in order to even get a record? I’ve heard rumors stating up to a 100 each. ut that might be rumors. And yeah its a huuuge market, and hardcore is/was very popular. I dont think a lot of older Jap records are as rare as we think compared to a lot of the us and euro stuff. Like for instance the Hardcore unlawful assembly LP. Take a trip to Tokyo and you can pick yourself at least 10 copies. Also I wouldnt be surprised if there were like 20.000 copies of Gism-Detestation floating around.


    Posted on 30-Jun-08 at 10:58 | Permalink
  21. discoscheissser

    ..first uk/euro SOB tour with ND June 89′..second uk/euro tour (alone) October 90′ minus sacked Naoto and with replacement Yasue…second tour also just lacked the camaraderie of two essential bands peaking/competing for brutality as on first tour..Tottsuan suicide yes(dont ask).. yakuza no..mothers misery yes .
    Japanese records availability pre-internet were subject to internal Japanese supply and demand at JAPANESE prices/domestic absorption, so record trading reputations of scarcity persist as legend til proven otherwise by fact…and this will never happen.. …ever read a retrospective interview with Tam or Mr.Okamoto?..ever seen a Japanese test pressing/pressing plant order sheet from the 80’s?
    AA04 may be plentiful now but try finding 10 of AA02.
    Post-internet compulsion for record scarcity honesty is very difficult if your only guide is the price that you originally paid and/or the manipulative lies you inherited from those before you not subject to the demands mass (dis)information has instilled.
    Labels adjusted pressing orders there the same as anywhere..and they never relied on/possibly never even desired foreign distribution,so entire pressings consumed domestically with accurate pressing totals for complete consumption easily gauged.
    To compare Japanese and US/European punk record original scarcity and resultant availability NOW is impossible as they are they were/are two very different economic balances, with hugely varying distribution networks available.
    That said – i see the similarity between 1st Ikkashinjyu and WCF 7″…anyone else?
    Liars still peddle 300 Kuro 8″ as indisputable handed-down insider FACT..and unfortunately find believers..5000 1st SOB 7″ sounds right..couldn’t find one in Japan in 87, now they are 30$….10000+ Gism 12″ also sounds right, so why no surplus now of Comes/RUG/Clay/Zolge flexi..?…
    2000 “Gig” Lp’s?..strange press quantity for a label in the black featuring the big names of the label live for the first time at a label showcase..
    – sounds like the same theory that once held 500 copies of Final Insider… 12″..
    All obvious stuff then..big bands on big labels selling big pressings with quality sleeves/production etc…Dogma and Selfish no exception.
    Where are you Mr.Okamoto? – time to tell the truth and pay your tax !


    Posted on 05-Jul-08 at 13:00 | Permalink
  22. No way the GISM 12″ had 10’000 copies. I’d bet my record collection on that.

    I have two japanese test pressings, for what it’s worth.

    A lot of people used to trade japanese records for euro distro. The balance of trade of course was weird: 1.5 to 3 : 1. If that’s what you meant, Discoscheisser.
    Thanks for the comment.


    Posted on 05-Jul-08 at 13:15 | Permalink
  23. discoscheissser

    If youv’e had 10 1st Cimex 7″(and youv’e been a busy,label,distro,band,promoter etc) and iv’e had 20+ Detestations (and iv’e been a lazy man),doesn’t that alone suggest a much higher quantity/availability ?
    Everyone who really wants one can have one..that implies surplus…despite many being kept in the hands of collectors down the years because of its enduring quality as a classic..
    Erica Beck is probably one of few people with accuracy on the 12″ quantity..and i’m sure she’d happily take your record collection off you so be careful !!
    Yes we are sufficiently old to remember the disparity between trading expectations in the 80’s/90’s (Japan vs Europe), whether for a distro or for personal trade …if they were paying $300 for V/A:City Rocker LP you had to give something VERY nice in trade..but i meant the general cost of living in 80’s/90’s Japan vs ours was so incomparable….
    We had mutual trading friends back then (remember Yuki – your Hellhammer 12″Lipcream:IBM demo w/sleeve etc..)..a nice guy.. but he had to pay top dollar for his trade records whereas we know what a Hellhammer 12″ costs !
    Still thats the great thing about something being only worth what your willing to pay ..
    Nice to know that Japanese TP’s exist ..the first iv’e heard of in 20+ years of interest..can i ask are they pre-88′ from large labels?.
    We met once -30/6/87′ at the ND/FOG/Ripcord Zug gig..i stayed at Tschosi’s house by the lake with the poisonous spiders!..happy days..and fun at Martins shop the next day of course..i have funny photos from then..and a terrible audience tape of the ND set..i regret not going to Gieslingen the following day though..
    ..finding a Leave Me Alone 12″ should be relatively easy i wouldv’e thought..
    ..The site is great of course, and obviously enjoyed by many….as long as youve still got quality stuff to post (more tapes?)..dont stop!
    Thanks and regards.


    Posted on 05-Jul-08 at 14:26 | Permalink
  24. Dudes, why you don’t put the songs in a zip?


    Posted on 22-Jan-09 at 06:05 | Permalink
  25. Because this blog is dude-unfriendly.

    PS: Your band is called “Intifada”? Hahahaha.


    Posted on 22-Jan-09 at 06:19 | Permalink
  26. Juan Beltran

    The SOB songs were so brutal. Plz see if you can get anymore from them. Thanks again.


    Posted on 19-Jul-09 at 14:13 | Permalink
  27. elliott

    yes this is brutal. proto grindcore i’d say along with bands like siege. the lp is great! i found mp3s of the leave me alone 12 along with the lp and a lot of other s.o.b shit. love this blog to death. now go and have a thrash night! i’ll have a thrash day. doesn’t sound as good. 5000 sounds about right. in the u.s it’s more like 500 haha. anyway love this record.


    Posted on 01-Feb-10 at 17:37 | Permalink
  28. anarkistattak

    they did some split performances with Hijokaidan, i think there is a record and a video
    very cool!


    Posted on 11-Oct-10 at 00:57 | Permalink
  29. Buz

    This is noisy crap. Can’t understand the instruments along with vocals. But somehow I.. I …. I like it. Misguided music I call it!


    Admin Reply:

    You must be deaf.


    Posted on 22-Nov-11 at 04:46 | Permalink

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