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S.O.B.- Leave me alone 7″EP (Selfish Records, Japan, 1986)

I will never forget when I got a package from Olivier who was in PSYCHO SIN, after he had moved to the USA and had a small mailorder thing going, called Deflagration. We used to trade tapes and such for a while. I think said package contained the first Psycho Sin 7″ and a tape with various bands. One one them was S.O.B. (SABOTAGE ORGANIZED BARBARIANS) who I had heard on the LAST PUNK OSAKA compilation, but that didn’ t make much impression on me. So how surprised was I when these nine tracks (the 7″ had just been released) ripped through my speakers. Insane! Rarely has such fury been unleashed and still, this has got to be one of the most ferocious, aggressive and blistering records ever. I didn’t hesitate and ordered a bunch of “Leave me alone” 7″s for my own mailorder (“Kamikaze Attack – The slowest Mailorder in the World”, cause it always took me years to bring those packages to the post office. Needless to say the mailorder didn’t last very long, haha).
The band’s next release “Don’t be swindle” was in circulation in form of an advance tape for a bit of time, mainly due to Mick Harris’ (Napalm Death) appreciation of the band. I used to like it much, but it was nowhere near the intensity of “Leave me alone”. So the “japanese SIEGE” got more popular – and went the Metal way. I had lost interest in the band by the time they toured Europe in 1988. You know: Metal is great and Hardcore is great and Punk is great – but bands changing genres normally produce a bunch of crap. That’s a rule of thumb. But I know from many people that these gigs were quite impressive. Silly me, I missed them completely.

Later, the band’s singer commited suicide (okay, that’s all hearsay now). He threw himself in front of the train, after he couldn’t see a way out of some drug dealing issues with the japanese Mafia. His mother was sued by the japanese transportation services who operate the trains, because the suicide had caused damage and loss of money due to trains not being able to operate for a while. I think there were some benefits raised in order to help  out the poor mom. Crazy shit.
Collector nerdism: It’s said that 5’000 were made of this 7″ (!). Can this be true? It was officially repressed as a 12″ on Selfish ca. 87-88, with a massive sound. I’d love to have that again, as well as “Don’t be swindle”. If you’re selling these, please get in touch. Oh yes, now that I think of it, I want that Psycho Sin 7″ back too.

I would like to dedicate this to myself for being such an asshole. Thank you, myself. Or in the words of S.O.B.: “I’m nothing understand”. Fuck man, “Let’s go Beach” and “Knock out”, then “Leave me alone” until the next “Sudden Rise of Desire” for “Fat Women”. I’ll go off like “SDI & ABM” and they gimme a “Slap in the Face”. “Don’t be swindle”. “Thrash Night”!

Not me.mp3
Give me Advice.mp3
Fat Women.mp3
SDI & ABM.mp3
Knock out.mp3
Sudden Rise of Desire.mp3
Leave me alone.mp3
Slap in the Face.mp3
Thrash Night.mp3