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ANTHRAX- Soldiers of Metal, b/w Howling Furies 7″ (Megaforce Records, USA, 1983)

A couple of months before Megaforce released ANTHRAX “Fistful of Metal” LP, this limited edition 7″ single came out. I had never heard of ANTHRAX before the LP though. I bought it in the winter of 83, the winter that also brought us the first MEtallica, Slayer, Hawaii and other records that were so incredibly amazing and completely new in their heavyness. I thought Anthrax was a cool name (band names with an x were always cool with L.A.’s X being the ultimate “x in a name” band) and they had a great logo you could easily put on your denim and it would look kinda aggressive. And the LP cover, I mean, dude – tough shit! I had to buy it, it was inevitable.
In 1986, I personally met Dan Lilker (by the time, he had left Anthrax and founded Nuclear Assault, a nice Thrash Metal band with a formidable demo) and that was a bit weird. Not only did he keep his records in his parents living room cupboard (he still lived at his parents) – when he took the other boys & me out for dinner later the evening, he brought us to a White Castle somewhere in New Jersey. I vaguely remember loads of rednecks, gals with died hair and fake tits and cheap ass country songs. Very uncomfortable: We with our long (not died) hair and Septic Death and Venom T-Shirts and all these truck drivers giving us dirty looks. It took some guts to go on the toilet and empty yours.
A week later, when we were somewhere down in Florida, we met these super cool guys from a local Hardcore band named CORE OF RESISTANCE (totally unknown band – will rip the tapes one day. Raging stuff in the vein of STARK RAVING MAD). We hung out, played lots of Thrash records and I told them about Dan Lilker and White Castle. They laughed out loud and said that these restaurants were the number one redneck breeding spot in the USA and the song “White Hassle” by ADRENALIN O.D. was just about those places. Who knows, we might have spent an hour in the exact same White Hassle up there in NJ that inspired A.O.D. to write their great song.

What I especially like on this record is the thing I’ve written so much about in this blog: Check out the song “Howling Furies” on this 7″ and compare it with the version on the “Fistful of Metal” LP. In between the two recording sessions, within only a few months, something had happened in the international Metal scene. On this 7″, the song sounds like it’s coming from a NWOBHM band, with quite a bit of JUDAS PRIEST thrown in. On the LP, the same song sounds remarkably more “modern”. Maybe it’s only me who hears that (or believes he hears it).
The LP version is great – in fact, the LP is one of the most important records of the first half of the 80s, for both Metal and Hardcore, though it often gets overlooked a bit. But I like this single version even more. Both songs have a lot more punch than the LP and oddly enough, this 7″ was produced by Ross the Boss from MANOWAR. And MANOWAR do have a lot of punch, man! They even have fur boots!

Soldiers of Metal.mp3

This goes out to Dave and Pär. To Dave because he gave me a new pair of ears for Judas Priest’s “Unleashed in the East” LP (I had never heard before this LP the way he explained it to me). To Pär because he asked for some Metal and as a blogger, you can’t just ignore one of the most devoted commentators, can you.


  1. chano



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  2. Brian Brainless

    Hey thanks for this and the story. Remember seing ANTHRAX in 1982 in front of 5 people and then again in 1986 in front of hundreds or thousands. These were two different ANTHRAXs though. The spirit of the early 80s had totaly vanished. This 7″ brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for this. Haven’t heard these songs in ages. I think your blog is outstanding in every aspect!


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  3. Rivethead

    man I miss those days when bands actually knew how to write SONGS. so great!


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  4. This is a very cool upload, I love the versions of the songs on this 7″. Anthrax never got as good as they were here!! Sadly I never got to see Anthrax until 87 and then they were all bermuda shorts and cartoon t-shirts.


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  5. and also, I feel proud of this upload as well haha


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  6. Hmm, me that writes again? OK then, is there any good recordings with Neil Turbin singing the Spreading the Disease songs? I know there is a DLP bootleg from the 84 tour but the sound on that one is terrible. It wolud be pretty cool hearing songs like Medusa och Armed and Dangerous with Turbin on vocals.


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  7. Great post Erich. I have been kicking myself for 20+ years for not buy this at Rock N’ Roll Heaven in New Jersey (Johnny Z. owned R n’ R Heaven) back in the day. I swear I passed on it 20 times before it disappeared forever. Damn I even saw them live with Neil Turbin…I am old haha.


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  8. howardx

    in dan lilker’s defense, he answered all his mail back then!


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  9. When I was 12 me and my friend were trying to pick or brains on the meaning of Anthrax on the second (?) V/a Bullshit Detector (Crass Rec) LP…I seriously think that for at least 10 years we thought it was the same one Anthrax. HA HA HA!

    Incidently, you all know that today CORE OF RESISTANCE is also the name of the secret society of punk and HC filesharers right? Check any of the embedded info on your mp3s and you will find CoR mentioned in there…

    Anyway, I’ll shut up then…


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  10. Totally agree, Howard: Dan was (is?) a nice guy, pretty down to earth.

    Tony: I didn’t quite understand that “secret society” (guess you just blew the secret haha) and mp3 thing.


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  11. cheers me ole china!


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  12. Industrrislaven

    Shit, the album versions are nothing compared to this.


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  13. And I quote:

    “Core Of Resistance was founded late August 2002. Although the group is new to the scene, its members are not. We are bonded together by our mutual love for this thing called hardcore and the spirit and attitude it represents. We will try to bring you the very best the underground diy hardcore/punk scene has to offer, in both new releases and rare early gems…”

    Seems to be responsible for a vast majority of punk and HC rips…anyway, that was not a secret anyway, just thought I mention it as you mentioned the band by same name…


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  14. Thanks Tony, but I still don’t know what this “group” is. Like a Dead Poet’s Society for Cyberpunks? A blog? A gang?


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  15. bruce/AOD

    Piaget Avenue in Clifton, was the home of the White Castle referenced in “White Hassle”.


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  16. Oi Bruce, ol’ mate – how’s it going? Remember me, Eric(h) Megawimp?


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  17. bruce/AOD

    holy crappers! do indeed remember you, buddy! so…um, what have you been doing the last twenty years? I have a cat!


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  18. Good to hear from you, Bruce! I’ve been doing a lot of shit in the last 20 years, haha. A cat? I have one too (called Mongo).


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  19. bruce/AOD

    still playing, here’s a few recent projects:
    (old school hardcore)
    (adult-oriented punk rock)
    (my fake British 80’s new wave band!)


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  20. Cool – will check the links out! Have the first AOD EP & Lp ever been repressed? I was thinking of posting these on the blog for some time now …..


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  21. bruce/AOD

    as a matter of fact, I applaud your timing! the “hi-jinks” lp is being reissued any day now on Chunksaah Records. It was also reissued in the mid-90’s on Grand Theft Audio (which also includes the first 7 inch).

    drop a mailing address to my email and I’ll send you one as soon as I get my own grubby mitts on some copies!

    you hereby have “official AOD permission” to post the shit outta’ anything concerning us. Cheers!


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  22. Wonderful, Bruce! Thanks for the “official AOD permission” 😀 Did you see the AOD / BEDLAM split I posted a while back?

    Here it is:


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  23. bruce/AOD

    checked the link, thanks Eric! that Fenriz vid had us all crackin’ up when we first heard about it…”fuckin’ primitive’!


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  24. elliott

    dude you got to hang out with Danny Lilker in the 80s? wow. great shit. i got this a while ago but never commented for some strange reason. then i got the lp. no it’s not just you who hears it. i hear it too. the 7 sounds way more nwobhm than the lp. thanks for the cool writing and the bitchin songs.


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  25. Thomas

    You gotta be kidding me, Erich! Fur boots? Friggin fur boots? Really? I alwayscthought Manowar were barefoot! Bummer!


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  26. queasyfish

    Howling Furies – acoustic! No, really; it’s slower, and the distortion-edge on the guitars is much duller. It still is one of my favorite songs on Fistful actually along with Death From Above. But it’s the WAY they play it too: I totally hear the Priest.

    I’m really enjoying your blog man, nice work.

    And the scans…


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  27. queasyfish

    So cool and timeless. There are years between some of these comments.


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  28. dave starry

    This comes from that great period of time when the US bands were first taking their NWOBHM influences and morphing it into a sound all their own that would lay the ground work for the American thrash metal movement. I always liked the first Anthrax album more than what came later with Joey Belladonna and the whole rap/metal fusion thing. I saw Anthrax while Neil Turbin was still singing, in the summer of ’84 down in Portland while supporting Raven on their North American tour, and they killed it.

    Love your White Castle story too. Reminds me of how I first discovered that hamburger chain. We don’t have WC where I live (to this day!) in the Northwest US, so I was curious when one of my tape trading friends from Detroit in the mid-80s relayed the story of going to a White Castle after a concert one night and downing 5(!) ‘slider’ hamburgers. I asked him what the hell a “white castle” was and how he could possibly eat five whole hamburgers in one sitting. He replied by drawing a picture of a small square with five holes in it and describing a ‘slider’ as being called such because of the way the greasy meat would ‘slide’ down your throat when you ate one. That really cracked me up.

    Of course, the conversation all took place over the course of a few weeks in written letters. That was really one of the beauties of the underground tape trading circuit back then — not only were you able to discover and listen to tons of great music, but all of the wonderful correspondence and sharing stories and experiences with like minded fellows all over the globe. The modern day internet provides a means of communicating instantly, but there was something wonderful about sitting down and composing a letter, photocopying some flyers, stuffing it all into an envelope and taking it down to the local post office. Conversely the joy of opening the mail box, finding a package of tapes, and sitting down to listen to the new music while reading a letter from a friend in Chicago, or Detroit, or Toronto.


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  29. howardx

    “That was really one of the beauties of the underground tape trading circuit back then”

    very true, i miss those days. its too easy now. northwest native here as well.


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