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LIFE SENTENCE- s/t 12″EP (Walkthrufyre, USA, 1986)

A life sentence, that’s what I always call my passion for this kind of music.
I know a few people who say the history of Hardcore was over with this 12″ from Chicago’s LIFE SENTENCE. Is that so? Let’s just say this is one of the last throughtly great Hardcore records released, albeit the music here already sounds a bit different from the “classic” Hardcore of the early 80s. Maybe this has to do with the outstanding skills of the musicians. Not only do they play a bit better than your average 1-2-fuck-you Hardcore band, they also show quite a bit of talent for writing memorable songs, with lots of hooks and with a leading voice sometimes similiar to that of Kevin Seconds.

“Punks for Profit” and “Problems” (reminds me a bit of the late OFFENDERS) are the super hits here, but this records stands the test of time as a whole. Another plus would be the real thrashy big band sound which is among the most powerful productions that I ever heard. This is in one league with Jerry’s Kids “Is this my World” LP, I’d say.

Has this ever been officially re-released? I’ve seen a bootleg CD for sale once which had extra tracks from the following LP (which is great too and was very favourably reviewed in Germany’s Metal Hammer magazine!).
When I saw the price sticker (21.- Swiss Francs) on the back, I remembered how expensive imports were when the $$ was still high and local record stores had a quasi-monopoly on such records. Another thing about the 80s that sucked.

See the sticker on the front cover? Wonderful! I call for a Pulitzer price!!

Download the entire record by simply clicking this link and choosing “save as”. This will make your computer downloading a .zip file which you will just have to unzip after the process of downloading is finished and then do whatever you have to do to make the files deliver the music encoded within and when you play this and shake your head, ass or boobs, please – think of me.