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IMPACT / EU’S ARSE- Split 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)

My first (and probably last) entry in the style of Justin’s Mustard Relics blog:

When I woke up this morning at 7, the noise from the nearby construction place was so loud that by half 8, I had a splitting headache and decided to contemplate some quiet mountain scenery today. So I jumped on my lovely scooter, drove a bit more than a hundred kilometers to the region I grew up, met the weirdest of all my weird friends there and walked up to this lovely spot:

Blimey, what a splendid day and I tell you, I had Nietzsche, Foucault and Negative Approach ringing in my head during almost the entire time. Some might find this pitiful, but that’s how that head of mine always worked. It’s one never sleeping mill, grinding and grinding twenty four hours a day. Nietzsche, when reading Schopenhauer, understands the (non-religious, non-metaphysical) transcendence of the will as the practice of turning it against itself, so that the will strives for nothingness. I thought about that for a while today, explained it to my partner and he just grinned at me and said: “That’s fucking buddhism” with utmost contempt. I turned my head back to the scenery and laughed until I heard my voice echoing.

And what does this petty little story have to do with the “other” great italian split 7″ from the 80s (except for the so-so HITLER SS / TAMPAX EP)? Nothing at all. I just wanted to share this with you since a lot of people seem to enjoy the wildest and angriest Hardcore that Europe ever spat out.
As infinitely great the IMPACT side here is, their first Mini-LP is even better. But for the moment, enjoy this pearl. Definitely easier going than the previously posted INDIGESTI / WRETCHED split EP.
Flip the thing over and you have EU’S ARSE (Europe’s Arse). Hands down. This must be some of the very best music ever recorded. The breaking voice, the Discharge-ish riffs and the atmosphere of complete hopelessness: How could music be any better than this?! Check the moments when the Dis-beat drumming sets into the loooong riffs with normally three chords. Insane!!!!!!! Get more EU’S ARSE here.

Complete artwork scans added below. Actually, this babe has two seperate folded covers, one for each band. And another luvely details is the immense playing time. Enjoy y’all.

Dolci Sensazioni.mp3 / ……mp3 [Yes, that’s the song’s title]
La Lettera.mp3

E noi?.mp3
Fino a quando?.mp3
Servitu militari.mp3
Corruzione statale.mp3

From left to right: IMPACT inside of folded cover. EU’S ARSE double sided, folded sleeve. Click to enlarge (no enlargement pills necessary).