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WRETCHED / INDIGESTI- Split 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1982)

What I always found rather bizarre about Metal bands is that when they sing about hell, all they can come up with are biblical images of torture, fire, the devil and such. When I look outside my window, I see a bunch of assholes sitting in front of a tv set they placed in the middle of the backyard, cheering the swiss national soccer team. Where are suicide bombers when you really need them?!

Now to paradise. This is it. WRETCHED are just incredible on this. I mean, it sounds strange, but in the old days I never noticed the sloppy playing and all that – to me it was just perfect. Total aggression and more power than I have in my loins (and that is an awful lot!). The follow 7″ by WRETCHED was even better, if you ask me – though the band’s climax was reached on the LP “Libero di vivere, libero di morire”. What a sad, sad record that is. The dissonant chords, the self-destructive power, I guess it was just the swansong on the dying Hardcore scene. Or something. More WRETCHED here.
INDIGESTI are a bit more sophisticated and the angry duck of a singer is just too great for this earth. I’m loss for words. This is just too damn great. Find more INDIGESTI here.

There’s one of these gems up on ebay right now. It says in the description that only 200 or 300 were made of this. I doubt it. In 1985, you could still buy this (3$ at the most, haha) from various distributors. Poor you. Rich me.
One note about the cover: I’ve never seen any other like the one I have. The printed sleeve came in a plastic sleeve with WRETCHED INDIGESTI printed on it plus two stickers, one by WRETCHED, another one with a not so smily face that could be mine. I was told a handful of these were made by WRETCHED and given away to friends only. The inserts you see were all that came with the record. The two band inserts were double-sided, plus the WRETCHED statement (“Contro la Repressione”) on a single sided piece of paper.

Ready for some really, really big feelings of the destructive sort?

From left to right:
WRETCHED “Contro il Repressione” insert, double sided band sheet, and the double sided INDIGESTI sheet.
Click to enlarge.

Schiavo del Sistema.mp3
Fino in fondo.mp3
Se ne frgano.mp3
Il loro Stato.mp3
USA la tua Rabbia.mp3

No al Sistema.mp3
Crea veleno.mp3
Polvere fastidiosa.mp3
Mass Media.mp3


  1. dis-dis-dis-troy

    one question admin: do you REALLY own all these records????


    Posted on 07-Jun-08 at 13:59 | Permalink
  2. Oh no, of course not. Thse are all Soulseek and 7InchPunk downloads.


    Posted on 07-Jun-08 at 14:49 | Permalink
  3. Yeah – mine doesn’t have the printed plastic sleeve or the stickers (although it might have had the stickers at one point – I used to stick them on things, so I might have destroyed the integrity of my copy by actually using the sticker for its intended purpose). Anyway, this is a brilliant release. Wish I could have seen these bands live.


    Posted on 07-Jun-08 at 15:28 | Permalink
  4. “Power in my loins”

    Christ Erich you paint some horrifyingly vivid pictures!

    I don’t think I’ve ever managed to hear this one before! (I was bigger on Eu’s Arse and Declino).


    Posted on 08-Jun-08 at 02:59 | Permalink
  5. JJ

    You too suffer from sports? It’s horrible! Where’s all this rallying around the flag in Europe coming from?

    I must say that I can’t listen to these songs. Sure I can hear the aggression but honestly it’s a bit too much for me. Just too negative. But impressive at that.


    Posted on 08-Jun-08 at 03:24 | Permalink
  6. Nic

    I ws about to post, but then notcied I’d posted about them on your previous post!
    So, I’ll paraphrase it…

    I first heard them in 1982 when I was sent a live mixing desk tape, followed by a tape of this EP: what a blast!
    I got a copy of the next EP when it came out, and it had everything I loved in Thrash: relentless, reckless urgency and aggression, political engagement, a certain offhand D.I.Y. ethic…magic! I loved the unhinged, off-kilter, almost out-of-control urgency of them (and the other Italian thrash groups): it had a desperate looseness to it, a sense of expression being more important than musicality which is something that has always appealed to me…

    I only saw them once (in Nottingham, England – at a gig organised by Dig, later of Earache Records – with Disorder, Anti-System, Dirge, The Instigators, Seats of Piss, Skum Dribblurzzz and a couple more) and my memory remembers them as being great…but I trust your take on their live performance!

    If you look at some of the pics in the ‘Choosing Death’ book, you’ll see I’m wearing a home-made Wretched T-Shirt…


    Posted on 08-Jun-08 at 08:27 | Permalink
  7. mbgifford

    One of my favorites. “Usa la Tua Rabia” still makes me want to tear down walls with my bare hands. Thanks for the great rip.


    Posted on 08-Jun-08 at 12:04 | Permalink
  8. eddie

    I like their following two ep’s and lp better than this one.


    Posted on 08-Jun-08 at 12:57 | Permalink
  9. Texas Bell-End

    Oh shit, so thats the original version of “Mass Media”, I only knew the “Cripple Bastards” version until today, the original is better. You can tell both of these bands are disciples of Tampax.


    Posted on 08-Jun-08 at 14:32 | Permalink
  10. This was even better than Scotch. I wanna eat pasta today!


    Posted on 08-Jun-08 at 20:38 | Permalink
  11. fernando

    Yeah the sloppy playing (the drummer!!)… but it works fantastically. And the angry duck… lovely. This is another of them gems that I missed back in the days (except a couple of live Wretched tracks from the “La notte dell’anarchia” 1984 tape) which is OK by me because if I had to look to the ‘new’ music of today I would get basically more depressed in these bad bad times. I think I discovered Indigesti in a certain comp called “Reanimated by life” (those 18 seconds of ‘Crea veleno’)… and then I got some BCT comps where I heard this whole thingy for the first time. Usa la tua rabbia is an excellent soundtrack to play with my dogs! Thanks for the scans, great job
    I agree with the point about hell imagery in HM (I’d add horror apocalyptomovies). If evil consists in saying ‘your mother sucks cocks in hell’ (well that’s a punk title, er…) and the like, then evil really sucks, hahaha
    PS On heavy rotation Razzia’s ‘Tag ohne Schatten’, great album! Saludos 🙂


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 07:17 | Permalink
  12. Chano

    I think Italy had maybe the best eurothrash scene back in the good old days… CCM , Wretched , Declino , Raw Power , I Refuse It , Impact , Negazione , Peggio Punx , Underage , Uart Punk , Bedboys , Putrid Fever…. Nuff said….


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 09:25 | Permalink
  13. Glad you like it, guys! 🙂

    The copy on ebay is on 610 $$$ now, with 4 more days to go. CRAZY!


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 12:19 | Permalink
  14. Chano

    oh , it’s not a problem . This gem is in my small record collection since 1993… By the way 1000 copies were made of this scary little monster . I’m ABSOLUTELY sure .


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 12:35 | Permalink
  15. mat

    Thanks for this!!

    No fucking way i would pay 600 bucks on this though

    Not that it don’t deserve its price, but man…

    Wretched are absolutely disgusting (in the better way possible!)


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 12:51 | Permalink
  16. Chano

    yeah , Mat ! You’re right !!! Don’t be stiffed by some e-bay jerk . No fucking records is worth 600 bucks , no matter how rare it is . I saw THE FIX “Veangeance/In this town” 7″ep sold on e-bay for 1500 bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck it….


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 13:05 | Permalink
  17. That’s a lot of money, sure Chano. But why on earth should Hardcore Punk records not be part of the market, with prices that show the demand in them? After all, this is a form of art and compared to what people pay for a Van Gogh picture, it’still pretty cheap. Or how much you pay for rent, for cigarettes, drugs, booze, gas etc. etc. And in the end: Money is only colored paper. Records are far more than that and they might make you happy you during a lifetime. And if not – you might just as well put them on ebay and get rent, drugs, cigarettes, booze or whatever for them 😀


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 14:00 | Permalink
  18. A masterpiece that I thought about reposting a long time since Packe only posted the Indigesti side.

    Never seen the kind of copy you’ve got here Erich! I got the more common one seen on eBay now though I have stickers and a patch in mine.


    Posted on 09-Jun-08 at 15:04 | Permalink
  19. Chano

    What can i say… It’s your point of view . I still think that paying such money for a piece of plastic is insane…


    Posted on 10-Jun-08 at 01:40 | Permalink
  20. Jerry B

    I have to agree with the admin here, money means nothing (if you have it ofcourse) and a record is not just a piece of plastic, it can be a valuable artifact that caries a lot of meaning beyond its physical appearance. So yeah, given the chance this insane platter would certainly complete my wretched collection, no looking back. I’ve never felt sorry buying a record that I really wanted, no matter how much I sacrificed for it.


    Posted on 10-Jun-08 at 16:55 | Permalink
  21. michaelbgifford

    Nic summed up what appeals to me about this kind of hardcore. It is so visceral and real.


    Posted on 10-Jun-08 at 20:10 | Permalink
  22. papalla

    Only 1000 copies of this record. i used to be one of the guys who had the distribution (?!?!?!)around italy.
    the cover had no plastic bag and it was only a simple 7″ paper bag with the logos of the bands ink stamped one by one on it
    i agree with chano: no record (expecially THESE self produced records) should be paid 600$
    remember… this record was sold for 1000 liras (0.50 €), the price only covering for expenses and no money to anyone who was handing it out.
    Indigesti live act was great adrenalinic US hardcore like 8might have reminded of bad Brains) while Wretched were like a wall of dissonance and crunchy guitar and bass (played by two brothers), supporting the screaming of Gianmario.
    Cracked the last copy of this about 15yrs ago…sob story


    Posted on 13-Jun-08 at 09:07 | Permalink
  23. Thanks much for the info Papalla! I’m not sure anymore where I got this from, with the plastic bag, but maybe it was from Germany’s Sasquatsch Mailorder. However – no idea why it has this bag.

    The one on eBay is now at 770$ …


    Posted on 13-Jun-08 at 11:05 | Permalink
  24. … 910$ ……….


    Posted on 14-Jun-08 at 00:34 | Permalink
  25. chano

    910$ ?!?! Really , Admin ??? No shit ????? crazy….


    Posted on 14-Jun-08 at 08:16 | Permalink
  26. chano

    The legendary Papalla from Torino !!! Do you remember BLUE VOMIT ???


    Posted on 14-Jun-08 at 08:19 | Permalink
  27. papalla

    chano do i know u?
    blue vomit cd came out some months ago in 500 copies only
    if interested in a piece of prehistorical italian hc i might post it ven to this site if admin let me know how to


    Posted on 14-Jun-08 at 09:38 | Permalink
  28. papalla

    i could also post some stuff from tapes made in torino back in the old(?!?) days
    let me know


    Posted on 14-Jun-08 at 09:40 | Permalink
  29. Ciao Papalla – it would be great having you post old Tapes here. Is the email adress you left in the comments field correct? You can also reach by clicking on the “Contact” link in the very left column. Mille grazie!


    Posted on 14-Jun-08 at 09:52 | Permalink
  30. chano

    Ciao , Papalla . I read about you in the old TVOR fanzine . Certo che mi farebbe piacere vedere postate quelle gloriose cassette . Spero tu lo faccia al più presto !!! 🙂 Glad to know you’re still around , Papalla .


    Posted on 15-Jun-08 at 02:10 | Permalink
  31. chano

    Hi , Admin . Can u repost the POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD lp and the REVENGE OF THE WHORES demo ? I’m looking everywhere on the internet , but i can’t find anything about that killer stuff . Once again : I LOVE THIS BLOG , Admin . It’ done with REAL passion and heart . I can find killer ultrarare stuff without spending thousands of bucks . 🙂


    Posted on 15-Jun-08 at 02:17 | Permalink
  32. chano: I’ve made it policy here that I don’t react on such demands. For three reasons: 1. If I’d start doing so, the requests would never end. 2. It’s part of the concept of this blog (read the very first entry) that it’s a personal thing much more than an archive. Sure, over the past year, it has almost become an archive and I would never have thought to keep on working on this for so long. But it’s great fun still, the communication is the key. People like you and all the others who comment make it worthwhile and when I see how many come by here every day, everybody could only wish they would all leave a few words here and there. It would change the blog completely, but unfortunately most people seem to think they have nothing to say (and some, but that’s a minority, indeed have nothing to say but garbage – that’s why I had to activate this stupid comment survey that doesn’t allow to leave comments at will). So in the end, I want to keep this structure: I provide the music and inputs and hopefully others will contribute. 3. Almost all my postings are totally spontaneous. I’ve never been in a Discotheque or Club, but I think I’m some kind of a DJ here. I just follow my moods, react on what’s been posted in other blogs.

    So who knows – maybe ROTW will be reposted one day. But here come the good news: A repost of the complete, newly ripped Power of the spoken Word LP is in the works. Mainly because I’ve received many old band photos and a lot of emails, proving this band may be totally obscured but certainly made an impact.

    Oh yes (I’m a bit in a writing mood, as you can see): Thanks for the compliment – but I really hope this blog will not only save you thousands of $, but will also make you at least buy official reissues, if available. The bands and labels deserve it.


    Posted on 15-Jun-08 at 02:57 | Permalink
  33. chano

    OK , Admin . Thanx for the kind explanation . 🙂 I hope to see these 2 glistening gems reposted soon . You’re the best DJ in the world , regarding my musical tastes and , of course , i buy all the reissues around ! The very last being the NABAT , FRANTIX and MANIAX cd’s . I also buy some bootleg , hope you’ll forgive me for this . Willya ?? :-):-):-) p.s.:Sorry for my really bad english , hope it’s not too hard to understand .


    Posted on 15-Jun-08 at 12:54 | Permalink
  34. NFO Jones

    love love looove the site! seriously amazing stuff, however i couldn’t help but notice you seem to be expending quite a bit of bandwidth per page load by using resized images instead of thumbnails. seem to average about 20-30mb a page load. I LOVE the high def scans but i dont look at every single one of them yet I’m loading them all. I’m thankfully not under any sort of bandwidth cap but im sure some visitors are so perhaps incorporate the use of small filesize thumbnails :)? Keep up the great work.


    Posted on 25-Aug-08 at 19:11 | Permalink
  35. The Indigesti songs are on my BCT tape, but were always so damn muddy. These are the first clear versions I’ve ever heard of these songs. Thanks!

    I have the Wretched songs on my tape, but different versions I think? Different order and more songs. The muddy quality of my tape doesn’t convey the wall of noise these guys really put forth. Mean and nasty.

    Do you know anything about the other bands on the tape? (5* Braccio, Stazione Suicida, Rappresaglia, Crash Box)


    Posted on 08-Feb-09 at 20:17 | Permalink
  36. Adamski

    There’s one on eBay, which used to belong to Ruth Schwarz I believe, that’s about to break the $1000 barrier. Beyond frightening!


    Posted on 11-Feb-09 at 11:39 | Permalink
  37. roswell47

    my copy has a different wretched insert. a 2-sided xeroxed A4 sheet with the english translation of their songs on one side and a statement about the band’s believes on the other. the indigesti insert is the same as yours, though. no additional insert, no plastic bag, same stamped sleeve.


    Posted on 09-Nov-09 at 21:42 | Permalink
  38. D4GG312

    Dont ask such dumb questions (does he own all of these).


    Posted on 10-Jun-10 at 03:31 | Permalink
  39. Nathan G

    Thanks so much for this – especially the Wretched!!!


    Posted on 02-Apr-11 at 05:42 | Permalink

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