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WRETCHED / INDIGESTI- Split 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1982)

What I always found rather bizarre about Metal bands is that when they sing about hell, all they can come up with are biblical images of torture, fire, the devil and such. When I look outside my window, I see a bunch of assholes sitting in front of a tv set they placed in the middle of the backyard, cheering the swiss national soccer team. Where are suicide bombers when you really need them?!

Now to paradise. This is it. WRETCHED are just incredible on this. I mean, it sounds strange, but in the old days I never noticed the sloppy playing and all that – to me it was just perfect. Total aggression and more power than I have in my loins (and that is an awful lot!). The follow 7″ by WRETCHED was even better, if you ask me – though the band’s climax was reached on the LP “Libero di vivere, libero di morire”. What a sad, sad record that is. The dissonant chords, the self-destructive power, I guess it was just the swansong on the dying Hardcore scene. Or something. More WRETCHED here.
INDIGESTI are a bit more sophisticated and the angry duck of a singer is just too great for this earth. I’m loss for words. This is just too damn great. Find more INDIGESTI here.

There’s one of these gems up on ebay right now. It says in the description that only 200 or 300 were made of this. I doubt it. In 1985, you could still buy this (3$ at the most, haha) from various distributors. Poor you. Rich me.
One note about the cover: I’ve never seen any other like the one I have. The printed sleeve came in a plastic sleeve with WRETCHED INDIGESTI printed on it plus two stickers, one by WRETCHED, another one with a not so smily face that could be mine. I was told a handful of these were made by WRETCHED and given away to friends only. The inserts you see were all that came with the record. The two band inserts were double-sided, plus the WRETCHED statement (“Contro la Repressione”) on a single sided piece of paper.

Ready for some really, really big feelings of the destructive sort?

From left to right:
WRETCHED “Contro il Repressione” insert, double sided band sheet, and the double sided INDIGESTI sheet.
Click to enlarge.

Schiavo del Sistema.mp3
Fino in fondo.mp3
Se ne frgano.mp3
Il loro Stato.mp3
USA la tua Rabbia.mp3

No al Sistema.mp3
Crea veleno.mp3
Polvere fastidiosa.mp3
Mass Media.mp3