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RUDIMENTARY PENI- No more Pain 12″EP (Southern Records, UK, 2008)

Finally, the wait is over. RUDIMENTARY PENI, quickly approaching towards the band’s 30st anniversary, finally unleash “No more Pain”.
As you know, this is the band’s third phase, so to speak. From the first selftitled EP to “Death Church”, from “Cacaphony” to “Pope Adrian 37th” and from “Echoes of Anguish” until “No more Pain”, the PENIS never failed to leave me breathless. To me, it’s a total mystery how they managed to maintain yet adapt their sound at the same time. Outmost aggressive, yet hermetically focused on a twisted concept of three chords aggression, RUDIMENTARY PENI are one of the outstanding groups of extreme music. In retrospective, all the band’s efforts (with the exception maybe of “Pope Adrian 37th” which was as daring as it failed) are rigid, (auto-) aggressive, claustrophobic, hopeless and totally unique. When the third phase began with “Echoes of Anguish”, I was so extremely excited that the band carried on its course – and “The Underclass” and “Archaic”, the follow-ups, are maybe the most exciting Hardcore-Punk releases ever since the decline of the genre in the 80s.
So what about “No more Pain”, is it as shattering as “Archaic”? I’m afraid it is not. But the good news are: It’s only because of two songs that the latest PENI fails to match the artistic wholeness of its bygone days. 2 of the 9 songs totally fall out of the band’s scheme. “Doodle Bug Baby” sounds a bit goofy and “Pachelbel’s Canon in E” is the first cover version RUDI PENI ever released. Not that I had know this baroque organist and composer prior to this, but he seems to have invented a particular harmony that contemporary Pop music often relies on and is quite poular among them Baroque guys (you know, the movement in the 17 centuries that invented the Heavy Metal wigs). Well, whatever – I never heard the original composition, but I heard the song on “No more Pain” and although it seems like the band is rather ironically playing around with it, it still breaks the hermeticism that I found most peculiar and important about RUDIMENTARY PENI.
Still, when you compare this to other contemporary bands, this is a great and pretty dark release. The A-Side offers you the same relentless, merciless RUDI PENI mayhem you learned to love, whereas the B-Side has 2 songs that I find unneccesary. The production is thick and massive as always though not quite as crisp as on “Archaic”. A great kaputt and sickly sweet release, accompanied as always by the primitivistic art of Nick Blinko (poster insert included). Buy it from the label directly or get it from your local distributor. And if you act quick, there’s a clear vinyl mailorder edition available still.

Here are two vinyl rips for you. The first one is what I love, the second is one of the two tracks that I could do without.

A handful of Dust.mp3
Doodle Bug Baby.mp3