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VzR: They call him King (from: V/A Henry Kissinger War Criminal 7″ Comp)

Last week, I got a telephone call from my old friend Dave Phillips. He just said: “Guess who just turned up at my door!” I immediately knew, although I still asked, and a couple minutes later, I sat on my bicycle and tried to find my way through dozens of hookers. It was a flashy ride, I tell you. So there he was, after more than 15 years – our old friend, band mate and maître d’art, Reto “Tschösi”.
A couple hours and a few beers later, at around 4 in the morning, when the last johns meet the first working bees, we sat at the kichen table when Dave quickly disappeared into his bedroom to change the record. The fast and chaotic opening sequence of “Corpse without Soul” from MERCYFUL FATE’s first and absolutely, inevitably essential 12″ came upon us like a biblical plague. So picture this, three men in their 40s, all wasted, sitting at the table of a not too middle class kitchen, banging their heads with long, short and no hair, playing air guitar and air drums and singing along the lyrics like there was no tomorrow. Wonderful!!! It was one of the rare moments, in which everything seemed to make sense in not making sense at all, 25 years after initially buying this piece of plastic, scribbling MERCYFUL FATE all over the school books and trying to make plans how to steal a goat from one of the many farms around (we grew up in different parts of rural Switzerland) and raving on on how to ritually slaughter it (not that anybody of us actually believed in the devil – it was and maybe still is just a dull and equally dumb idiosyncratic contempt for all the religious bigotry, nationalism and idiocy).

Pity me I’m somehow missing the parts necessary to remain assured of anything, so in the same moment when a deep and passionate love for music and what it does to us came together with harmless complacency (“after all, the first fourty years weren’t a total disaster”), I already knew that I would post this track here on the blog. Dave had recorded me this before, so I couldn’t leave his flat without borrowing the HENRY KISSINGER WAR CRIMINAL compilation EP, when the birds were chirping and the chum’s cohabitees finally were able to find some sleep of their own.
The rest of the 7″ doesn’t do much for me, but how VzR (whatever / whoever this is) compiled typical song annoucements from MERCYFUL FATE’s King Diamond has got to be heard to be believed. So for those who always hated MERCYFUL FATE or those who always loved them, this is equally fantastic (if you can take a joke, of course – if you can’t, you’re wrong here anyway).

VzR: They call him King.mp3

PS: Check out this great post by Dave over at Rocket Science for more of the same. This time, it’s SLAYER showing you no mercy!