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Monthly Archives: June 2008

ANTI-CIMEX- Anarkist Attack 7"EP (Bullshit Recordz, Sweden, 1982)


Repost from October 26 2006. Freshly ripped 320 kb/s sound files of this very hard to get smasher. «We are Anti-Cimex and we have a hard life!» – could somebody translate what they’re really singing in the theme song? Recorded on Dec 5 1981 and released in early 1982, this is the debut of Sweden’s […]

CHAIN REACTION- Gabbie 7″EP (Belfagor Records, Italy, 1985)


More furious Hardcore from Italy! CHAIN REACTION released this smokin’ and steamin’ six tracker of an avalanche whirlitzer megaton missile in 1985 and unfortunately I’ve never heard from them again. The band consisted of three Nicolas, an Edy and a Guido and as far as I know know, they never played outside Italy. As always […]

MANOWAR- Defender 12″ (Music for Nations, UK, 1984)


My heart beats like a machine gun fired by a spaz: This is the most courageous of posts! It takes a heart of steel and blood of fire to speak out the truth. The first four MANOWAR albums, the first demo and this 12″ are godlike. Immortals (immorals?) of Metal! Yes, this is actually Orson […]

S.O.B.- Leave me alone 7″EP (Selfish Records, Japan, 1986)


I will never forget when I got a package from Olivier who was in PSYCHO SIN, after he had moved to the USA and had a small mailorder thing going, called Deflagration. We used to trade tapes and such for a while. I think said package contained the first Psycho Sin 7″ and a tape […]

ANTHRAX- Soldiers of Metal, b/w Howling Furies 7″ (Megaforce Records, USA, 1983)


A couple of months before Megaforce released ANTHRAX “Fistful of Metal” LP, this limited edition 7″ single came out. I had never heard of ANTHRAX before the LP though. I bought it in the winter of 83, the winter that also brought us the first MEtallica, Slayer, Hawaii and other records that were so incredibly […]

LIFE SENTENCE- s/t 12″EP (Walkthrufyre, USA, 1986)


A life sentence, that’s what I always call my passion for this kind of music. I know a few people who say the history of Hardcore was over with this 12″ from Chicago’s LIFE SENTENCE. Is that so? Let’s just say this is one of the last throughtly great Hardcore records released, albeit the music […]

Mystery Bands III: POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD- Language of a dying Breed LP (Sacrifical Records, USA, 1984)


Repost from August 11 2006 of one of the most spectacular yet forgotten Hardcore LPs of the early 80s. New information & band photos added. Full album download in a fresh 320 kb/s rip. You know, there are bands that are easy to like, just like there are people with whom you will easily get […]

Blog of the Month: METAL INQUISITION. Surreal.


This blog proves it: Heavy Metal Fans are Punks with brains. There’s a lot to read there (start with the investigative report on Heavy Metal Real Estate. It’s surreal). And it does not only make my sarcasm sound like a random Dalai Lama quote in comparison – the comments there don’t make you guys commenting […]

V/A- RAPTUS- Compilation LP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1984)


When a while ago I featured the second RAPTUS Compilation LP, I promised to follow with the first one. After nearly two years since this promise, I guess it’s about time now …. I don’t know much about the background of this compilation LP and I’m sure Papella will help us with more details. Meccano […]

Radio Show: SPEED-AIR-PLAY- Christmas Special Ultra Noise (Switzerland, 1986)


Forgive me for getting a bit personal here and for the banter (in bad english) in general. Joe’s tape inspired me – blame him! I first met the guys from SPEED AIR PLAY in 1985. They were the first “real” Hardcore guys in Switzerland that I got to know and by “real” I mean of […]