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MAJOR CONFLICT- s/t 7″EP (Silent Scream Records, USA, 1983)

MAJOR CONFLICT were formed by two former URBAN WASTE members shortly after the dismiss of the maybe greatest Hardcore band ever (at least the band with the best HC 7″).
No question: This is pretty far from URBAN WASTE. Some might say it has a strong Metal influence, which of course is not the case, it only sounds “metallic”. The “mosh parts” are definitely ahead of the time. The wimpy vocals unfortunately almost ruin the songs, especially on “Outgroup”. Sounds like the singer just had his puberty vocal change, haha. The B-side, “Not just a Song” is a wild and weird mixture of different genres (the oriental guitar bits totally shred and the echoing voice kills!). A great, athmospheric song and pretty unique, I’d say. All in all, I totally love the sound of this 7″. It’s so massive, crunchy yet garagey. Wonderful!
500 were made, but only a part of the edition was ever sold. I’m not sure if I read this somewhere or if I’m just making it up now, but not everybody in the band was happy with how this 7″ came out in the end, so a part of the pressing vanished. Also, I’m pretty convinced that the band members manually added the loud crackling noises onto the vinyl. Check out how the crackling perfectly adds to the boyscout-ness of the first 2 songs: Here it sounds like a camping fire! On the spooky B-side song, it sounds more like a chimney fire. Crazy!
Anyway, it’s a rare find, but luckily prices have come down a bit.

How do ya feel.mp3
Not just a Song.mp3

Post Scrotum: I wasn’t aware of the official CD reissue available from Mad at the World Records. Get it here!