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V/A THE NEW HOPE- Compilation LP (New Hope Records, USA, 1983)

How can such a fantastic compilation LP be forgotten? Producer Tom Dark (who was also in THE DARK) mentioned in an interview that he feels sorry for the countless regional bands that somehow disappear in the shadows of more popular bands. But somebody, he said, will dig out the forgotten bands. Judging by the many great videos of these bands available on Youtube, somebody’s been digging before – great job!

On THE NEW HOPE, there’s plenty to dig out. 11 bands delivering 30 songs, not one to be missed, if you ask me. THE GUNS two tracks sound like an unreleased pre-Rollins Black Flag demo tape which, as you can guess, is not exactly a bad thing. POSITIVE VIOLENCE follow with three mainly faster tracks, “T.V. Blues” being the best here. Next we have SPIKE IN VAIN. “The Funeral” kicks me right in the face. Next up is the comps highlight maybe – AGITATED play very agitated Hardcore with a great drummer. Imagine they had recorded a few songs more and released them on a 7″ in limited edition – myspace fansites would jump up all over the place, so on the other hand, it’s not that bad maybe they get dragged out onto the light so late. NO PAROLE is one of the few female fronted Hardcore bands of the early 80s. I guess nobody outside the Cleveland scene knew about them until now. “Disposition: Hellion” is a great simple song and the singer sounds a bit like Donna from No Thanks. THE DARK, producer Tommy Dark’s own band, have three more fast and furious HC tracks, including the short “Sacrifice”. The flip starts off with “Drop the A-Bomb on me” (remember the PEACE WAR double LP on Rradical? Yeah, there you go!) and three equally great smashers by ZERO DEFEX. OUTERWEAR have two slightly more dissonant, FLIPPER-ish songs, another band that just doesn’t deserve to be without a tombstone in this little blog. OFFBEATS play “humor-laden Hardcore”, fast and funny. Another winner. PPG (in the booklet, they give plenty of options of what the three letters mean, “Penis Pump Gun” being one of them) are more on the darker side again, kinda gloomy Hardcore Punk with a weird edge. And finally, we have STARVATION ARMY with four more fast and furious thrashers. The final song, “Fun” is cut into the outleading groove on the actual vinyl. Love such details.

Please note that although I had bought the LP still sealed, the B-side has some pressing defects that will result in occassional crackling unfortunately.

And finally, here’s a trailer of a Cleveland documentary I’d love to see, “Cleveland’s screaming”. I’d be happy to review this, dear producers.

It would of course be great if some of the old scenesters would stop by and give more info on this. And I think it’s about time such a great record will be re-released one day.
THE GUNS: Locked inside.mp3
AGITATED: Death warmed over.mp3
ZERO DEFEX: By the Day.mp3
OUTERWEAR: Knife Lust.mp3

Get the complete NEW HOPE compilation in 320 kb/s quality, carefully edited and uploaded with love here. (100.5 MB)

Phew, that was a lot of work. Now I need some rest.