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DILS- I hate the Rich, b/w You’re not blank 7″ (What Records, USA, 1977)

Couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I saw that I really posted some Irish Folk LP last night. The wine was delicious and rather heavy, hahaha.

DILS were one of the first american Punk bands and one of the few explicitly political ones at that too. The two Kinman brothers who were the main force behind this short lived act, were also known for a couple of funny stories like the one Peter reported when he posted the 2nd DILS 7″ on his blog.

I remember hearing this in a local record shop in 1980. Prior to this, I’ve had heard the Sex Pistols, Clash, Buttocks, Nina Hagen (haha) and other assorted Punk, but I always thought that compared to Motörhead or the raw power of AC/DC’s “Let there be Rock”, Punk was a bit lame. Well, the DILS blew me away and that was also how I heard the term “Hardcore” the first time, cause that’s what the shop owner said it was – Hardcore. He was not too wrong, I think.
The opening chords in “I hate the Rich” to me pretty much epitomize great music per se. Fan-fuck-en-tas-tic.

I hate the Rich.mp3
You’re not blank.mp3