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BAD BRAINS- Pay to cum! 7″ (Bad Brain Records, USA, 1980)

There’s nothing I could write about the BAD BRAINS that you didn’t already know. Everything (and I mean everything) the band laid hand on before “I against I” turned into solid gold. All the controversy the band stirred, the boring records, the idiotic statements that followed the bands course couldn’t even scratch the surface of the phenomenal “ROIR Tape”, the “Rock for Light” album or the unearthly “Black Dots” session.
“Pay to cum” might be one of the few Punk songs that appeals to almost anybody. I think it’s because of the power and drive so overwhelming. This is the best version of the song, although I haven’t heard the obscure alternate take that originally appeared on a laquer-disk only version of this 7″. “Stay to close to me” is a catchy song, especially the middle part, which breaks out of the Reggae/Dub scheme a bit and adds that special flavor.

This comes from the 1989 japanese counterfeit bootleg version. I once held the original first press with cover in my hands in a small record store in San Francisco’s Polk St. in ’86. It cost something like 20$. I thought it was too much cause I already had “Pay to cum” on the “New York T(h)rash” cassette. Yeah, don’t tell me …. these days, I’d cum to pay …..

Pay to cum.mp3
Stay close to me.mp3