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ZMIV- Banzai! Here’s ZMIV beware! 7″EP (selfreleased, Holland, 1982)

Tough Punk from Holland, leaning towards the Hardcore side. ZMIV also had three tracks on the mandatory second “Als je haar maar goed Zit” comp. LP, but these songs were really really weak. It’s like the guitar wanking, which fits perfectly on this EP and is still very moderate, got totally out of hand.
But on this very hard to find EP, you’ll get the full dose, including really dumb lyrics: You’ll be able to make out most of “Lay down” yourself. “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” (“We didn’t know it” – one of the most heard phrases coming from Germans after World War 2, in face of the horrors of the concentration camps) compares the death of one rioter in Germany (got rolled over by a cop car) to the 6 millions in the camps – only Punks can get so fucking dumb. I guess you have to be dumb to make really great, wild, primitive music.

Don’t feel like writing more at the moment, but since there seems to be a decrease in the readers commenting, I guess it’s just fair. Yeah, Peter from KBD Records had posted a few songs of this before and there’s an official repress with a dramatically ugly cover. You should however order it, I think, because I like the idea of people doing things I told them to do.
The original track list is a bit messy: I corrected it, putting the songs in actual order in which they’re listed on the labels, I think that is how they were intended to be arranged.

Lay down.mp3
Wir haben es nicht gewusst.mp3