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POISON IDEA- Official Bootleg Double-7″EP (American Leather Records / Vinyl Solution, USA, 1991)

Every decent blog has got to have his share of POISON IDEA and although I had mine already (here and here), here’s some more. I have absolutely no idea whether this has been re-released or not and candidly spoken: I don’t care, cuz this is a smasher of a (double) 7″!
POISON IDEA who never liked the idea of other people putting out their music (sorry ’bout this, guys!) had a strict policy concerning bootlegs: They responded immediately to them by officially re-releasing the material in demand. First practiced here with: When some german fellow decided to put the band’s rare cassette-only “Plastic Bomb” demo onto vinyl, POISON IDEA were quick to release this double 7″ with additional material and in superior sound quality.

So first, we have “Plastic Bomb” in the demo version. You’ll notice the different lead part in the ouverture (the final version on “Feel the Darkness” had straightened this out), but apart from that, this version totally kills, especially the twin guitar part in the solo which makes one think of Judas Priest a bit, doesn’t it? On the flip, the cover round starts, they rip through the prevously released (on the SubPop 7″) “We got the Beat”. The Go-Go’s original is a neat song, but POISON IDEA totally destroy it with this monster. One of the band’s high-lights, no doubt! Then (and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw this), the band who had brought you “I hate Reggae” in 1983, delivers Jimmy Cliff’s “The harder they come”. And I shall be damned if this is not a great version! “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” was a song originally written by Lloyd Price in the early 50s, but made famous by Elvis. I think that the POISON IDEA version does the song no justice at all (it’s got a lot of atmosphere and tension in both Price’s and Elvis’ versions). POSION IDEA’s cover versions did not always work, another example would be the band’s attempt to catch the vibe of G.I.S.M. in which they miserably failed too. So be it.

Plastic Bomb.mp3
We got the Beat.mp3
Harder they come.mp3
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy.mp3