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Monthly Archives: May 2008

MAJOR CONFLICT- s/t 7″EP (Silent Scream Records, USA, 1983)


MAJOR CONFLICT were formed by two former URBAN WASTE members shortly after the dismiss of the maybe greatest Hardcore band ever (at least the band with the best HC 7″). No question: This is pretty far from URBAN WASTE. Some might say it has a strong Metal influence, which of course is not the case, […]

V/A THE NEW HOPE- Compilation LP (New Hope Records, USA, 1983)


How can such a fantastic compilation LP be forgotten? Producer Tom Dark (who was also in THE DARK) mentioned in an interview that he feels sorry for the countless regional bands that somehow disappear in the shadows of more popular bands. But somebody, he said, will dig out the forgotten bands. Judging by the many […]

DILS- I hate the Rich, b/w You’re not blank 7″ (What Records, USA, 1977)


Couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I saw that I really posted some Irish Folk LP last night. The wine was delicious and rather heavy, hahaha. DILS were one of the first american Punk bands and one of the few explicitly political ones at that too. The two Kinman brothers who were the main […]

V/A THE LID OF ME GRANNY’S BIN Comp. LP (Derry Records, North. Ireland, 1974)


This obscure anthology of (nationalist) rebel songs from Northern Ireland gets everybody I know off the chair and on the feet. Isn’t it kinda weird to see that of the thousands of records you have at home, only one would put a smile on everybody’s face? That’s exactly the case with this compilation and I’m […]

THE FREEZE- I hate Tourists, b/w Don’t forget me Tommy 7″ (Rebel Records, USA, 1980)


All of a sudden, when I was riding my metrosexual bike today, I had “Don’t forget me Tommy” in my head. What a great simple melancholic song. THE FREEZE’s debut sounds like it was recorded with the cheapest equipment and not mixed at all. But I’ll be damned if this is not a fantastic record! […]

SSD- How we rock MiniLP (Modern Method Records, USA, 1984)


The debate is on! “If this is Metal, Deep Purple is Punk!” (Lao Tse, «Tao te king») How we rock Intro.mp3 / How we rock.mp3 Words that kill.mp3 The Choice.mp3 On the Road.mp3 What it takes.mp3 [<– one of the Admin’s fave tracks EVER!] What if I.mp3



Classic video from the old days. A band from Liverpool (fastest band back then) covering ANAL CUNT. Greetings to Seth.

BAD BRAINS- Pay to cum! 7″ (Bad Brain Records, USA, 1980)


There’s nothing I could write about the BAD BRAINS that you didn’t already know. Everything (and I mean everything) the band laid hand on before “I against I” turned into solid gold. All the controversy the band stirred, the boring records, the idiotic statements that followed the bands course couldn’t even scratch the surface of […]

ZMIV- Banzai! Here’s ZMIV beware! 7″EP (selfreleased, Holland, 1982)


Tough Punk from Holland, leaning towards the Hardcore side. ZMIV also had three tracks on the mandatory second “Als je haar maar goed Zit” comp. LP, but these songs were really really weak. It’s like the guitar wanking, which fits perfectly on this EP and is still very moderate, got totally out of hand. But […]

POISON IDEA- Official Bootleg Double-7″EP (American Leather Records / Vinyl Solution, USA, 1991)


Every decent blog has got to have his share of POISON IDEA and although I had mine already (here and here), here’s some more. I have absolutely no idea whether this has been re-released or not and candidly spoken: I don’t care, cuz this is a smasher of a (double) 7″! POISON IDEA who never […]