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RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED- Innocence 7″EP (Little Farmer Records, USA, 1984)

This 5 tracker of Chicago’s RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED is not a record, it’s a fucking vitamin pill and one day before the annual mayday riots here in Surrick, this might be the best I can post! Listen to the drum sound here – it will make you flip out, I guarantee. Especially the middle part in the first song “Faith”, after the short break, when the bass drum kicks in, man – this absolutely destroys me whenever I put this on. Hardcore Thrash of the finest sort!

Can’t tell you much about the history of the band. RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED were also featured (among others) on the two classic tape comps MEATHOUSE and EMPTY SKULLS, they had tracks on MIDDLE OF AMERICA and had recorded 2 demo tapes (from which the earlier comp tracks were taken) prior to this masterpiece. Unfortunately, the band went through some weird musical metamorphosis in the next three years, so when an LP was released in 1987, it was a total letdown (haven’t heard it since, but I’m pretty sure it still sucks the big one). Haven’t any of the numerous other releases, but RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED have a myspace site which you can find here.

This must be the most precious of all my records cuz when you ordered it from the band directly, it came with a one million $ bill:

And here is one of the other two inserts as well (the poster is too big for me scanner, sorry):

Quick now, download and destroy!

In School.mp3
What I learned today.mp3


  1. re: Swankys: everywhere is probably correct, but would be interesting to hear you mention some old anecdote about the band or some shit, in short do it and give the record the Erich treatment.


    Posted on 30-Apr-08 at 12:40 | Permalink
  2. Cheers Slobo! Will consider ripping it. But will probably not post it haha. Fuck you all. Take care.


    Posted on 30-Apr-08 at 12:49 | Permalink
  3. “Fuck you all”? Is it just me who thinks you seem a bit fed up with us in the recent time?

    Thanks for this. New to me (as always haha) but this is a FUCKING RAGER!!!!!


    Posted on 30-Apr-08 at 14:11 | Permalink
  4. Ha ha ha, each to their own eccentric idiosyncrasies hey?

    Hold on, is that Ass Cobra I see there? I gather it’s gone full circle now then, from absolute adoration for the band to absolute detestation (for allegedly selling out with a comeback record that EVERYONE was begging for in the first place) and suddenly no-one remembers the band and consequently it’s ok to openly say that the band rocks (now that they are unhip again). HA HA HA.

    There are of course a direct physical link to Poison Idea and Turbonegro but I won’t go into that (again).

    Sorry, this is my pet hate/love subject.


    Posted on 30-Apr-08 at 14:28 | Permalink
  5. fernando

    Zuri brännt! Thanks! (genre: shoegazer? hahaha)


    Posted on 01-May-08 at 02:23 | Permalink
  6. Sadly we didn´t get any riots here today but if it should have happent we would have a great soundtrack.


    Posted on 01-May-08 at 10:53 | Permalink
  7. Thadeusz

    Hey this is great! The song Faith is incredible as you said, I totally love this.


    Posted on 01-May-08 at 11:28 | Permalink
  8. Fucking incredible, yet another band that I’ve never heard that just kills. I was going to comment on Sweet Savage, which just wasn’t my cup of tea, and then bam, you slap this disc on your magic ripping machine. One of my favorites yet, thank you sir.


    Posted on 01-May-08 at 16:49 | Permalink
  9. Great record. Had it ripped and ready to upload ha ha :). Gee I’m tired after an exhausting move. Ok time to paint to bedroom(pink like me moms pussy).


    Posted on 02-May-08 at 03:04 | Permalink
  10. Great Post! Didn’t even know they had released anything else besides the comp. tracks. Thanks!


    Posted on 03-May-08 at 10:30 | Permalink
  11. Michael Gifford

    Killer stuff. The drumming is incredible-it just gives the tunes such a kick. Thanks and keep up the good work.


    Posted on 05-May-08 at 17:46 | Permalink
  12. It’s true, the record is awful, and remains a staple of the dusty and dwindling “punk/alternative” section of any off-the-beaten-path record store still in business today. After this ripping 7″, these cornfed Midwestern party dudes went through an ill-advised Hanoi Rocks phase. They grew their hair, and began to live, look, and act like total rock stars — and I mean that in the only sense that can be considered negative. Fortunately, Jay Yeunger got the hell out of Chicago and joined White Zombie before any lasting damage was done.


    Posted on 16-May-08 at 10:15 | Permalink
  13. chrisF

    A metal band I was in played with R.O.T.A. in a suburb of Chicago sometime in the summer of ’88, and not having heard them before, I couldn’t figure out what the fuss was. I didn’t figure it out until a few years later when I finally heard this EP. One thing I remember about the gig, me and a friend of mine snuck into the dj/mixing booth upstairs and turned on the smoke machine, which then absolutely would not turn off, no matter what we tried. So we did what any other drunk 17-year old would do, we got the fuck out of there before anybody figured out who did it, which wasn’t too hard, as the whole club was filled with smoke!


    Posted on 20-May-08 at 08:41 | Permalink
  14. I played bass on this. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


    Posted on 17-Jan-12 at 05:47 | Permalink

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