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SWEET SAVAGE- Take no Prisoners 7″ (Park Records, Ireland, 1981)

This may not stand the test of time as gloriously as, say, BLITZKRIEG, although SWEET SAVAGE used to be one of the top underground bands of the NWOBHM. In fact, when you now compare this rocking and rolling two-tracker with heavier bands of the era, it’s quite obvious why we originally called such bands “Heavy Rock”. Except for some interesting breaks and bits in “Killing Time” (later covered by METALLICA), this is almost typical Pub Rock (or as Peter would love to have it called: Pubes Rock), except for the powerful singing maybe. I can’t really say whether this is good, bad or good bad music, but “Killing Time” sure is the better of the two tracks.

I used to hold strong resentment against SWEET SAVAGE in the early 80s. It wasn’t the music really – to tell the truth, it was because of the two guys on the left of the cover and their nasty grin. I mean looking at them still maddens me and I tend to believe people like these might have ruined my youth more than no sex, no drugs and no god.

I used to have the 2nd 7″ as well, but I can’t really remember how it sounded. But the tracks from the BBC session (partially used for the “Friday Rock Show”) were a bit darker and heavier than this first 7″.

Take no Prisoners.mp3
Killing Time.mp3