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DISCHARGE / THE FILTH- Split 7″EP (Go Round Records, UK, 1980)

Here’s one record that’s particularly hard to find and that caused a bit of confusion among friends of good bad and good and bad music in the times before internet. Maybe it was us youngsters in the 80s only that didn’t know of the two british bands by the name of DISCHARGE, but I remember many talks and guessings on how that split 7″ would sound that was listed in the Volume discography and appeared on many want lists. I also seem to remember how some folks kept saying it was DISCHARGE who first came up with the term “Hardcore Punk” and I’m pretty sure that they meant the well known DISCHARGE from Stoke-on-Tent. I never spent much time on the question who coined the Hardcore term and I don’t really care too much, but it would seem to me that those who connected the invention of it to DISCHARGE most likey meant the wrong DISCHARGE. At least, this DISCHARGE here was the first to have a song with the unbeatable title “Hardcore Punx”. However, I wasn’t able to locate this single until the early eBay days, when you could get things for moderate prices. I sold my copy of the split 7″ about ten years ago for quite a bit of money, but made a decent cassette copy of it. The xeroxes of the inserts have gone missing along the way. This ‘CHARGE (haha) came from Middlesbrough, located not too far from Stoke-on-Trent, in the north-east.

The little we know about them and this split 7″ has been carefully compiled by Dizzy from Detour Records, whom I’d like to thank for giving his permission to use the scans you see here. The band first went by the formidable name of “Squelch Vaginas”, formed in 1978. In the same year, they altered it to DISCHARGE. It seems like DISCHARGE stired up quite some shit in their short existence or how the TPA fanzine put it in its 1979 issue: “The only band to have gone from crap to great and back to crap again in only two months”. So here ends our story: DISCHARGE folded by early 1980, not before releasing this split single.

The FilthThe other side has THE FILTH of whom even less is known. The same fanzine TPA had a bit on them in which a fight between fans of THE FILTH and some other band took place. Or so: “Three people were seen shouting and the Police got involved”, haha. Both bands deliver the same great amateurish Punk with extra hot sauce. Couldn’t say which one I like more, but THE FILTH’s “Rise of the Mods” song is a hit: “The Rise of the Mods is here today, at least that’s what the morons say”.

Especially the FILTH side has quite some surface noise, but I love this, it just suits the music fine. There’s a short dropout during the first DISCHARGE song. These two songs have been featured on Vol.1 of “Bored Teenagers” and I guess you better try and get yourself one of these (and all the other volumes at that) in order to (hopefully, haven’t heard it) get the song flawless.


Hardcore Punx.mp3

Rise of the Mods.mp3

Blue Law.mp3